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Brian Cushing will be "100 percent" early in 2014

Three weeks to the day after knee surgery, Brian Cushing was out and about in Pearland. The Texans linebacker was taking part in a community event with First Community Credit Union at Glenda Dawson High School. Even though he was on crutches, he was very optimistic about returning to work early in 2014.

"I think January, February, I'll be a hundred percent," Cushing said. "This is quite a different deal than last year."

Cushing tore the lateral cruciate ligament (LCL) and fractured the fibula in his left leg in the loss at Kansas City in Week 7. In Week 5 of 2012, he suffered a torn ACL in a win over the New York Jets. He detailed how his rehab is progressing.

"It's going really well," Cushing said. "Obviously, I had a pretty significant injury last year, too. I just feel like this is a lot less serious, and healing much faster. So that's a good sign."

Cushing said he will be off crutches in two weeks, and that the rehab is "going a lot more smoothly" than what he went through last year. Because he's on crutches, and has limited mobility, he can't watch Texans games from the sidelines yet. He also spoke about what the team is doing to get back in the win column.

"Everyone in that building knows that and the guys are striving and trying everything to really figure it out," Cushing said. "From the coaching staff, to the players, to everyone in there, they're scratching their head. But one thing I know is that they're working and they're going to continue to try to improve that."

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