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Brock Osweiler describes learning playbook

Brock Osweiler didn't waste time in learning the Texans offense.

After the quarterback signed with the Texans a month ago, he tackled the process of learning the playbook.


"My biggest deal is just chomp away," Osweiler said Wednesday. "Set one small daily goal. Just work little-by-little and kind of chomp away at it. Before you know it, about training camp time, it all comes together and you're out there running it like you've been doing it for years."

The former Denver Bronco put the playbook in action a few weeks ago in Tempe, Arizona. He, along with quarterback Tom Savage and receivers DeAndre Hopkins, Cecil Shorts, III, Jaelen Strong and Keith Mumphery worked out at Arizona State University. Hopkins appreciated the time together, and said that

while Osweiler and Savage talked about the playbook, Hopkins and the receivers meshed with Osweiler as well.

"We were talking about timing and things like that and what do I like to run, my favorite route and what he likes to throw the most and what he feels like he's best at," Hopkins said. "We were just kind of going off each other's talent."

He peppered the pass-catchers not just with throws, but with questions as well.

"I had a list ready to go," Osweiler said. "That's part of this process. I talked to DeAndre: 'Okay, on this route, what are you thinking? Versus this coverage? Vesus this leverage? What do you think? How are you going to come out of this break?' That's all part of the process."

Ultimately, according to Osweiler, he has to know the offense better than anybody in the organization, including the coaches who've drawn up the playbook.

"You need to know it better than the coordinator who has been in that system for years," Osweiler said. "The way you do that is by studying. So, as soon as I was able to get that iPad, I dove right into it. It continues to now. I know it can only go to noon here but each night I go home and I sit in my office for hours and just soak in this playbook as much as I can and as quick as I can."

Osweiler and the Texans will continue with offseason conditioning at NRG Stadium and the Houston Methodist Training Center next week.


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