BWTB: Texans '15 foes breakdown

We're still over four months away from finding out the 2015 schedule for the Houston Texans. While we may not know when they play, we know who and *where *the Texans will play next season.

We also know the respective home and road records of those opponents.

The Texans will take on their three AFC South rivals twice: once at NRG Stadium and once on the road. They host the Patriots and Jets from the AFC East, and will travel to Miami and Buffalo for the road games versus that division.

From the NFC South, the Saints and Buccaneers will travel to Houston for games. The Texans will take on Carolina and the Falcons in Charlotte and Atlanta, respectively.

Since the Texans finished in second place in the AFC South in 2014, they'll face the second place teams from the AFC West and AFC North. That means they'll host the Chiefs and travel to Cincinnati.


Division Team 2014 Record 2014 Road Record
AFC South Colts 11-5 5-3
Jaguars 3-13 0-8
Titans 2-14 1-7
AFC East Patriots 12-4 5-3
Jets 4-12 2-6
AFC West Chiefs 9-7 3-5
NFC South Saints 7-9 4-4
Buccaneers 2-14 2-6
TOTAL 50-78 22-42

In 2014, the teams coming to NRG Stadium struggled. They struggled overall, finishing with a combined 50-78 record. Just a pair of those squads were playoff teams, in this weekend's AFC Title finalists Indianapolis and New England. The Chiefs finished 9-7, the Saints were 7-9, and none of the other five were able to muster more than four wins the entire year.

Further, the Patriots, Colts and Saints were the only teams coming to NRG Stadium that were .500 or better on the road in 2014.


Division Team 2014 Record 2014 Home Record
AFC South Colts 11-5 6-2
Jaguars 3-13 3-5
Titans 2-14 1-7
AFC East Bills 9-7 5-3
Dolphins 8-8 4-4
AFC North Bengals 10-5-1 5-2-1
NFC South *Panthers 7-8-1 4-4
Falcons 6-10 3-5
TOTAL 56-69-1 31-32-1

On the road in 2015, the Texans get just three playoff teams: the Colts, Bengals and Panthers. Carolina won the NFC South despite a 7-8-1 record. Unlike the home slate, the road slate is a bit tougher. Five of the eight opponents were .500 or better in 2014. The combined home record of the eight the Texans face was 31-32-1.

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