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Capers post-practice quotes

(on the game at New Orleans)"It's like walking a tightrope once you get into the season. You can't look to the left or the right or look down because you'll get a little dizzy. You've got to stay focused on what's right in front of you. We've got to focus on one thing -- that's going to New Orleans and blocking out everything and pulling all of our ability together. We have to play our best football game."

(on veterans taking down Miami collage in hallway)"Well, life in the NFL dictates that what happened yesterday is irrelevant. It's based on what you do today. I was happy to hear that. I heard stories about it, I didn't see it happen. But that's the kind of attitude you have to have. The encouraging thing to me is that we have the kind of veterans on this football team that understand that what you did last week makes no difference in how you do this week."

(on if preparation after a win differed from last year)"We've had the same routine but every year is a little bit different and every week is a little bit different. From a coaching perspective, you try to look and see what kind of concentration guys have and there are any distractions. I like what I've seen on the practice field and hopefully that translates into going out for three hours and being at our best on Sundays."

(on if there was more emphasis on tackling this week)"I'd like to think we emphasize every day. But it's like anything -- if you come up a little short in certain areas, you're going to point it out and try to go back to the fundamentals. That's something we have to work on every day out here because if we don't, we can let it slide."

(on whether Eric Brown is the team's best tackler)"I do believe Eric is a very good tackler. One of the things that makes him a good tackler is he's strong, he's athletic enough to get in position and he has enough power and explosiveness that when he hits the guy, he normally knocks him back. We felt that he was very important to get back our on defense this year because he brings a very physical element to the safety position."

         injury changes)**"I don't think so. We'll still have to make
         a couple of decisions on who we activate. There could be a couple 

of changes there. We'll go through tomorrow and take a look at the health of our team and what we're really going to need from a special teams standpoint."

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