Carlos Hyde TD gives Texans 17-3 lead

Carlos Hyde and the Texans were six inches shy of the end zone.

Hyde got the carry, got the six inches, and got his sixth touchdown of the season when he scored with 9:22 left in the second quarter on Saturday at Tampa Bay. It gave the Texans a 17-3 advantage.

On the play before, Deshaun Watson hit tight end Darren Fells for a 10-yard gain. He stretched to get the ball in the end zone, but his knee was down with the ball six inches shy of the goal line. On the next play, Hyde got in.

It capped a scoring drive that went 42 yards on seven plays, and lasted 2:54.

The Texans began the drive after Tyrell Adams forced a Peyton Barber fumble, which was recovered by Justin Reid. From there, Watson hit Fells for a gain of 17 yards. Then Hyde carried for gains of five, six and three yards. Three plays later, Hyde and the Texans were in the end zone.

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