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'Chap' pops up after hit by Arian Foster

Two times on Sunday the Texans faced fourth down.

In both instances, they turned to Arian Foster.

The running back scored on one.

He trucked over the team chaplain on the other.

Foster's more notable fourth down carry was his one-yard touchdown with 14:23 left in the game. He started right, got stonewalled by the Jaguar defense, reversed field while breaking a tackle and

sprinted in for six. It gave the Texans a commanding 24-13 advantage.

His other fourth down rush, however, came at a critical juncture as well. Trailing 13-10, with 7:08 remaining in the third, Foster took the handoff and got to the edge. The Texans needed a yard. Foster got three, and as he skittered out of bounds, he plowed into team chaplain Greg Tyler.

Foster kept his feet, while Tyler was pancaked on his back. For the briefest of moments, there was worry. But the man nicknamed "Chap" popped to his feet with his ever-present smile.

"Chap needs to get out the way," Foster joked after the game. "It's wet out there. It's slippery. I told him 'What are you doing, man?' He said 'I'm good, cuz.'"

Tyler played high school football in the 1970's at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, and was a defensive back and running back at Texas Tech from 1978-80. He's been a team pastor with the Texans since July of 2006.


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