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Checklist: GM Rick Smith on what to look for in QB

There are many things the Texans look for in drafting a quarterback.

General manager Rick Smith pinpointed 10 of them during a Friday press conference at NRG Stadium.

"I've been asked that question a lot," Smith said. "I think there are a lot of variables that go into successful quarterback play."

In his words, here's a checklist of what Smith and the Texans need to see when picking a quarterback in the

NFL Draft.

  1. "Leadership is one."
  1. "Work ethic" 
  1. "The ability to rally people"
  1. "The ability to be able to command a room"
  1. "The ability to handle adversity"
  1. "The arm strength"
  1. "The athletic ability"
  1. "There's certain size – height, weight and speed – parameters that ideally we look for"
  1. "His playing history"
  1. "The style of offense that he has come from"
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