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Chris Polk's increased workload

Chris Polk's seen his workload increase.

The running back led the way on the ground last weekend at Buffalo with a team-high 61 yards on 12 carries. Plus, his only catch out of the backfield was a first half 11-yard touchdown, in which he exploded through Stephon Gilmore on his way to the end zone.

For head coach Bill O'Brien, seeing more of Polk has been among other things, a matter of playing the streaks.

"Sometimes, it comes down to who has the hot hand," O'Brien said. "Who is running the best, who is running with the most confidence, who is seeing it the best that is a part of it too."

Offensive coordinator George Godsey added that Polk and Jonathan Grimes have seen their workload

increase because of health and the final quarter of the season.

"They're effective at what their role is," Godsey said. "I think their role is increasing, and everybody, we're trying to increase everybody's role at this point in the season."

For Polk, the committee approach at running back is perfect for him, Grimes, Alfred Blue and Akeem Hunt.

"All the running backs that we have, we all complement each other," Polk said. "We all do something that the other one doesn't. So now that they're putting us in the certain type of schemes that fit us. I'm a power runner. Jonathan Grimes, he's more of an elusive back. You see him out there in the Wildcat. You see Akeem, he's a speed/elusive guy. Me and Blue are power. You see us in our element, which I really love."

Polk also loved the way he scored his touchdown last Sunday, and said he wouldn't be denied.

"Once I caught it, it was either you or me," Polk said of the score. "I'm going to run through a brick wall to try and get in that end zone, so I just lowered the shoulder on him and that's bang, bang, chicken and shrimp."

While 'Hard Knocks' was on the air in August, Polk became a fan favorite for that 'Bang, bang, chicken and shrimp' line. He said he'd "rather run straight than lateral", and loves contact.

And so too, did his mother, Edrina.

"My mom taught me that: how to lower the shoulder, lower that boom," Polk said. "She was so proud. She sent me a video of the clip and her commentating. She was like "WOOOOOOOO! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING 'BOUT, CHRIS! YES!" Shoutout to my mom. Love her. That's my biggest fan."

Both Polks will be in the building, and both are looking forward to the Sunday Night Football matchup with the Patriots. Chris explained what he and the Texans are anticipating.

"They have a real 'spin-the-dial' approach with coverages, blitzes," Polk said of New England's defense. "They're a real physical defense. It's going to be a real good game."

Polk and the Texans are set for a 7:30 p.m. CT kickoff at NRG Stadium.


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