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Coaches Commentary: RB Foster and FB Jones


At the conclusion of June's minicamp, huddled with the team's position coaches to get their respective thoughts on the projected starters. This is the first 'Coaches Commentary' in a series of articles that will go through the roster, position by position.

Running backs coach Chick Harris will see the NFL's 2012 touchdown king in Arian Foster serve as the primary ball-carrier. Fullback Greg Jones, who signed with the Texans over the offseason, will help pave the way for Foster. What follows are Harris' evaluations of those two players.

RB Arian Foster1,411 rush yds, 15 rushing TD in 201240 rec, 217 yds and 2 TD catches in 2012

"I think Arian is more determined than ever to reach his goals of being better than last year and obtaining more yards in both the passing game and run game. He knows what he did the year before. He did not attain the amount of yards that he had prior so therefore he's gunning for it.

He wants to get better and better is put the stats on the wall, put possible championships on the wall, I think that's what he's looking for and what he should think. He's approached his conditioning just outstanding this offseason. He's worked hard at it, and I think he's got a mindset to go on and be much better than last year.

He's a talented individual, he's got size, good speed. He's got tremendous instincts to run with the football inside the tackles. He has the ability to set blocks on the perimeter, on the outside and make good runs. He's an extremely gifted receiver out of the backfield. He hasn't even gotten close to what he can do."

FB Greg JonesJoins Texans after 9 years in Jacksonville270 carries for 911 yds and 10 TD in his career

"Greg Jones is a pro. He's a guy that has played for ten years and he's a class act all the way. He's a very powerful man, and he's got the type of size and mass that you would like for a fullback to have. I think he has the type of attitude that will be that way.

He's a taller, rangier guy. He's not compact but has tremendous upper body strength and along with blocking he can run the football and he can also catch it.

He will mix it up. He's not going to shy away from anybody and he has an enforcer-type of mentality right now. He'll be a banger and make sure the running lanes will be clear."

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