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Collin Klein finishes mini-camp tryout with Texans


Whether or not he makes the team, former Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein made a positive impression on Texans coach Gary Kubiak this weekend.

Klein, a 2012 Heisman Trophy finalist, was one of 17 players trying out for the Texans in their three-day rookie mini-camp that concluded on Sunday.

"I tell you what, it was impressive," Kubiak said after the final practice of mini-camp on Sunday at the Methodist Training Center. "I'm fixin' to go up there and have a long talk with him. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but to watch how far the guy came in two and a half days… probably had his best day out there today. He's found a way his whole career, and he's probably gonna find a way this time, too. He's done a good job."

Klein (6-5, 226) had a 21-5 record as a college starter with 29 passing touchdowns and 50 rushing touchdowns. The Texans looked at him as a quarterback despite rumors he might move to tight end. Klein has been working with Jake Plummer, who played quarterback under Kubiak with the Denver Broncos.

"He's got a ton (of potential)," Kubiak said. "For what he did in college and what Jake has been doing with him, he's come a long way as far as working under center and stuff. The arm strength is there. The delivery's a little different, but you work with that. His instincts as a football player, you can't coach, the way he just takes off and stuff like that.

"Like I said, we're fixing to sit down and have a good long talk, he and I, but I think this kid's gonna beat the bushes and he's gonna figure out a way, so I was very impressed with him."

Klein was one of 11 rookies to try out for the Texans this weekend. Six veterans also tried out, including running back Deji Karim. They were among 56 players who participated in the five-practice mini-camp, along with the Texans' nine draft picks, 23 undrafted rookie signees and seven first-year players.

"I was impressed, I really was," Kubiak said. "I think the scouts and (general manager) Rick (Smith) have assembled really a heck of a group of guys that have a chance to play in this league. You look at all of 'em, they all moved around good, they all kind of picked up what we did pretty quick.

"Right now is a tough day because I've got to go in there, (and) there's a bunch of guys here on a tryout standpoint that that we've got to say no to and those type of things. But yet all the other guys are here and they wake up tomorrow morning and walk in the locker room with Andre (Johnson) and J.J. (Watt) and the boys. A lot going on right now, but very proud of the way these guys worked."

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