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Houston Texans

Contrasting styles for All-Time Texans defenses

The 2018 NFL Scouting Combine is in full swing. Last week in Houston, John Harris and I went back-and-forth choosing our all-time Texans offense. It generated some discussion on social media, as many of you disagreed with some of our choices.

This week in Indianapolis, John and I picked our all-time Texans defense. YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT HERE. Since I had the first pick last week, and chose quarterback Deshaun Watson, John went first this week and naturally took J.J. Watt. I decided to go with Jadeveon Clowney for my first pick, and then I got who I think is the best defensive back in team history (Johnathan Joseph) and best inside linebacker (DeMeco Ryans) the franchise has known.

John stayed heavy in the front seven to start, and I built what I think is a strong secondary.

I also have two guys playing out of position, as Dunta Robinson slides from corner to safety, and Seth Payne moves from the nose to defensive end. But really, Robinson would be my nickel corner, with Marcus Coleman being the lone high safety.

Here's how John's total defense shakes out.

My defense is below.

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