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Dallas as a Destination | On Location

It's fashionable in Houston sports fandom to hate Dallas, but the area itself has its good points. There are good restaurants, great golf courses and more lakes than you think.

In fact, my brother-in-law lives in Grapevine where there's a terrific lake complete with a sailboat racing circuit. That might not appeal to you, but I grew up doing that stuff and this is my article, so there!

Dallas is a great place to visit for Texans fans because of the proximity and it seems everyone has a relative they can stay with. If not, there are at least two gigantic hotels that have water parks in them. For some of you, going to one of these might feel like a punishment for a misdemeanor but if you have kids and want them off their screens these places are money.

The Cowboys have a ton of history and it's on display in their facility in Frisco. This place is impressive and is accessible to fans with retail shops, a restaurant and a health club. During Hurricane Harvey the Texans practiced there and the Cowboys personnel couldn't have been any nicer.

Even though they have all that tradition the Texans have actually done better than Dallas since Houston got NFL football back in 2002. Yes, the Cowboys have a 2-3 edge in regular season games head-to-head but the Texans have more divisional titles and more playoff wins than Dallas. It's been 26 years since the Cowboys have advanced past the divisional round.

Editor's Note – Vandermeer, this is supposed to be a travel piece. Stop talking about how the Cowboys haven't come close to the success they enjoyed in the early 90s! Oh wait, now I'M doing it! As you were…

The Cowboys' stadium might not be the greatest homefield advantage in the world but it's a fun place to take in a game. It might seem like a destination where 70,000 people pay money to watch a giant television but there's more to it than that. They put on a good surrounding show with all the music and the dancing and video components.

It might not be like the Texans GameDay experience, which has won Best-in-The -NFL game presentation honors more than any team (in fact Houston is a recognized DYNASTY in this department) but they're pretty good.

There have only been two Texans regular season games in Dallas, one of them at the old Texas Stadium in 2006 and the other in 2014. Houston will be back in Arlington in 2022. For now, let's enjoy this preseason tilt before heading home to see the Texans and Bucs.

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