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Road Trip – Buffalo, NY | On Location

Before every road trip, my editor asks me to do a travel article on the Texans destination. In the interest of being spontaneous (i.e. not researching anything), here's my take on visiting Buffalo for Texans fans making the journey.

I've been to Western New York many times. It sounds funny to some to say 'western' when describing where Buffalo is but one look at a map tells you everything you need to know. While on the college broadcast circuit a thousand years ago, I did a couple of games at the University at Buffalo. That's right, it's 'at' not 'of.' Don't ask, long story.

If it seems like I'm stalling in getting around to Buffalo's tourist destinations it's because I am. It's not exactly loaded with things to do for out-of-towners. Niagara Falls is the big one. It's about a half-hour away and well worth the trip. It's one of those attractions that really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Photos will not fully do it justice.

The next thing people think about is Buffalo Wings. They started in 1964 at the Anchor Bar. Legend has it they were served on the fly as an adjustment after no other chicken parts were available. Blue cheese was the first condiment. My editor wanted me to weigh in on the Ranch vs Blue Cheese debate which is apparently as big as 'Ginger or Mary Ann.' I'll take Blue Cheese but in small doses, please.

Buffalo is like Nashville in that you have an NFL and an NHL team. It's not like Nashville in that it's likely not a popular destination for bachelorette parties and there's no main street with dozens of live music acts playing year-round in local bars and clubs. Unless this is happening under three feet of snow.

It's more known as a nicer place to live than visit. I sometimes think this about Houston itself, that we're misunderstood. That people visit here and don't get how great a city this is.

Anyway, the Bills are the main attraction in Buffalo. They are an original AFL franchise and are the only NFL team to actually play IN New York State. This is a big deal because the Giants and Jets moved to the Meadowlands in New Jersey years ago. Even though it's right across the Hudson River from New York City, some people get very touchy about this, primarily Bills fans.

After playing the Bills, the Texans return home to face the New England Patriots on October 10. Click here for tickets.

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