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Texans Road Review – Cleveland | On Location

It's the 6th trip ever for the Texans to Cleveland and it's definitely a journey worth taking.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is a Sugar Land to the Woodlands type of drive away and that's a must bucket list item for any football fan.

I spent three years calling games for Central Michigan in the Mid American Conference. We went to Akron every year, when the Zips football team played in the Rubber Bowl. The place was right next to Derby Downs, home of the Soap Box Derby. The Americana of it all is palpable.

But the biggest tourist attraction to the region is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We shot part of our pregame show there during the Texans' visit in 2014 and it was a blast. I get very critical over some of the acts who are in the Hall and who gets snubbed year after year.

But once you're in the place you realize it's just a big terrific museum. Let everyone in! Who cares? Music is subjective anyway!

People sometimes forget that the Browns as we know them are actually an expansion team. They started play in 1999 as a new franchise after the old (real) Browns moved to Baltimore to become the Ravens. So the stadium is in its 23rd year.

The old Browns' home, Cleveland Municipal Stadium was not exactly plush but as the Houston Chronicle's John McClain says "It had character."

Still, the 'new' building is nice and right on Lake Erie, which was once on fire. Yes, it's true, look it up. It happened in 1969 but it's much better now.

Cleveland sometimes gets a bad rap but it has plenty going for it. Especially if the Texans are playing there. 

Join us at home for Thursday Night Football at NRG Stadium on September 23 at 7:20 p.m. as the Texans take on the Panthers. Click here for tickets.

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