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Daniels answers your questions

Owen Daniels took time Friday to answer fans questions about the draft and the Texans new quarterback, Matt Schaub live on Texans TV. Following are his comments. You can check out an archived version of the video on Texans TV at

James Stuart: What do you see as the team's biggest need in this draft and also who is your favorite player in this draft?

Owen Daniels: Our biggest need, hmmm. I think it's always important, if you can, to get a dominant defensive player. If that's at all possible, whatever position that would be. That might be defensive line, linebacker, secondary, whatever. Anytime you see a defensive player that can make an impact from the draft, you should go ahead and do that. Also, on the offensive line we have some question marks there so those are two spots that are crucial for us.

If I had my choice of who we had here, it would probably be Joe Thomas from Wisconsin. He's my guy from up there, played with him for three years up there and he's a dominant player and he's going to be a star in the league for a long time.

Daryl Jal: Already there's been quite a change of chemistry makeup in the Texans with the free agent signings. Do you feel this will make the transition harder or easier for those taken in the draft? Also, would you go more offense, defense or a balanced draft?

Owen Daniels: I'm really happy with what we did in the offseason. I know it's kind of weird for some Texans fans to see the face of the franchise in (David) Carr and Domanick (Williams) not here anymore, but we got some great players here now and we're moving in the right direction.

It wasn't a hard transition for me just because of the guys we had around and the coaches, but the staff has brought in some more of those guys, good guys that are veterans, so it should be a pretty easy transition for those rookies.

Ruben: What was it like to here that the Houston Texans were selecting you? Do most players get excited or upset when a certain team selects them? Also, do you think the Houston Texans is a team that a young player will be thrilled to be a part of?

Owen Daniels: I was really excited. The Texans called me about quarter till 10 (a.m.), about 10 minutes before the draft got started (on Sunday). I was up, I was ready to go, my mom, we were getting ready to get a little draft party going on. People were in the shower and I got the call so I was trying to get all of them together and let them know what was going on. It was great to go with the first pick of that day so you could relax and not worry about anything.

I think so. Our front office and our new (general manager) have made some great moves in the offseason, like I said before. I really believe that we have a chance, if we keep moving in the direction we've been moving and working how we've been working, we've got a good shot at the playoffs this year and that's our goal.

John Bozant: What would you think if the Texans surprised everyone and selected Greg Olsen from Miami with the 10th overall pick?

Owen Daniels: I guess I would be wondering where I was going (laughter). I don't know how happy I would be or the rest of the tight end crew would be, but we would live with it.

Eric Anderson: I want you to give your honest thoughts about the state of the Texans through last season and how they're looking now.

{QUOTE}Owen Daniels: We've kind of already hit on it. With all the stuff that's going on, this franchise basically has a whole new face to it. We have a new head coach, a new (general manager), new star players, so it's kind of like the old Texans you knew before, it's completely different. It's a new team. You could take this last season as the first season of the Texans. We were 6-10 and hopefully we're improving there.

Steven Liparulu: Do you see a bigger need at offensive line or wide receiver in this year's draft? We know we've got tight end set for a while.

Owen Daniels: I think both. I think if I was in charge I would lean toward getting a dominant offensive lineman first, if I could. Those guys are harder to find than maybe a receiver in the later rounds.

Alan Burge: Did you have any clue the Texans were interested in you before you were selected last season? (Were you disappointed that you were not taken on the first day?)

Owen Daniels: I had no clue the Texans were interested. At the (scouting) combine they scheduled an interview with me. That was the only contact they had with me. I had a number of other interviews with other teams as well. Then I visited about five teams that brought me into their facility to show me around, the Texans were not one of them. I don't know if they were trying to keep that a secret or what so I was surprised when I got the call from them.

I wasn't really disappointed about not going in the first day. The information I was getting from people, my agent specifically, was that I was late third round to the fifth round, that range there so that hit the nail on the head pretty much.

Karen Manuel: What are your thoughts on your new quarterback Matt Schaub? What do you think he can bring to the team?

Owen Daniels: I love the guy. I met him about a month or so ago. Since we've been around the stadium doing workouts, lifting, throwing, running, I've been talking to him and been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some of his passes during our workouts. He's a great guy and seems like a really good leader. I think he's in a position where he's a got a little something to prove because he hasn't been in that starting position, but I feel really good about him being our guy and what he can bring to the table.

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