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Dear Drew: Extended post-bye written edition

Mitchell Viaclovsky: Dear Drew, Do you think Duane Brown will start over Chris Clark? If so, how big of a difference do you think will make?
DD: There's certainly a good chance of that happening, Mitchell. Duane was and is a franchise-changing talent: before he got here, the Texans had one season out of six where they were .500. Since he was drafted in 2008, they've been .500 or better in seven of nine seasons. Brown's ability to protect the quarterback's blindside is a big reason why.

He's kept in great shape during his time away, and would help upgrade a line that's performed admirably and steadily improved since Week 1.

Tm Darkis: Dear Drew, There's been a huge difference in the play calling this season from the last. QB seems to have more options. Would you consider this style of offense The Run-and-Shoot 2.0? #O'BrienUnchained
DD: I like your line of thinking, but no, this is a different style of offense. That Run-and-Shoot the Oilers employed had the quarterback under center with four wideouts, and a running back. The Texans rarely employ that type of formation. But this has been an incredibly dynamic offense over the last month, and they're looking to keep that rolling.

James Garcia: Dear Drewski, why do the Texans get no love from the media? What's with the weird videos in your background? PS Love your show!
DD: Love, schmove. Who cares? Just keep improving, playing well, and win big games in January and the Texans will get love. BUT...the public definitely is showing some love, as Deshaun Watson's jersey is the top-selling jersey for all NFL rookies.

Also, what weird videos?

Jeff Soma: Dear Drew, Should you really hafta wait for leftovers to get to room temp before putting them in the fridge?
DD: Naw. Maybe let the hot food cool a LITTLE, but going to room temp is a little extreme. A captain of industry like yourself has important things to do. You don't need to be waiting around on food cooling off.

Israel Martinez: Dear Drew, What's up with Kevin Johnson?
DD: He's back at practice and will likely play at Seattle. Everything he and Bill O'Brien have said this week indicate that he'll be ready to go.

Timothy Lamore: Dear Drew, How are they going to use the rest of the front 7 now that Jadeveon Clowney will be doubled every play?
DD: He's doubled every play, regardless of who else is in there. He's also routinely held by opposing offensive linemen. Clowney and the rest of the Front 7 will move around as they always have under Romeo Crennel and now Mike Vrabel. 

Jose Rodriguez:  Dear Drew, Big fan. What player on IR do you think will be off IR when they are healthy?
DD: Thanks Jose. I think you'll see tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz return from injured reserve in a few weeks. He's been out with a concucssion, He started practicing this week, and

Marc Quarles Doherty: Dear Drew, D'Onta Foreman has looked really good so far. Will this be the week that he finally gets his first TD?
DD: Sure, why not? 

Christos Philippou: Dear Drew, Should I be worried about how easy the Jaguars' remaining scheduled looks, and how likely do you think it's going to come down to the division game against them?
DD: No, you should worry about your own self. In this case, focus on the Texans and what they need to do, which is win. 10 games remain in the season, and you have to feel good about the way this offense has moved the ball so far in 2017. The defense is in the same spot, statistically, it was last year. That should inspire confidence. 

No matter what happens, the remaining division games all loom large. But if you win them, you're in really good shape.

Matt Brawley: Dear Drew, Any updates on Dylan Cole? About how many weeks will he be out?
DD: Dylan Cole injured his hamstring on the play he intercepted a pass against Cleveland. He hasn't practiced this week, and he will likely miss a few more games.

Kevin Stone: Dear Drew, does Richard Sherman swap sides or always play left side in a zone defense? Will he be playing Hopkins or Fuller? How many career catches does Hopkins have on Sherman?
DD: The Seattle corner typically stays on one side of the field. So he'll likey be matched up with Hopkins quite a bit, but not exclusively. When Hopkins played against the Seahawks as a rookie in 2013, he caught two passes for 27 yards. 

I-Min Michael Mau: Dear Drew, What's the update on CJ Fiedorowicz? I know he was placed on IR but I thought it was with designation for return.
DD: He's practiced this week, but won't be back to game action at the earliest until the road game at Los Angeles on November 12.

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