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Dear Drew: Extended rookie camp edition

Daniel Hirschi: Dear Drew, Do you think or would you keep 2 or 3 QB's on the 53?DD: Three, for sure.

Tom Savage is slated to be the starter, with DeAndre Hopkins and rookie Deshaun Watson behind him. All three will be competitive, and Savage himself said earlier this week he expects to compete every year of his career, no matter what he's accomplished.Denarius Street: Dear Drew, How's CB Kevin Johnson coming along after last season's injury?

DD: All is well. He's been taking part in the offseason conditioning program and should be a full participant for OTAs.Scott Revels: Dear Drew, New fan here. I converted when the Texans drafted Deshaun Watson. What should a new fan be looking out for?

DD: Welcome Scott. In short, the Texans are coming off three straight 9-7 seasons, and a pair of AFC South titles. Their defense might be the best in football this season. DeAndre Hopkins is one of the game's finest receivers. If you ever make it to a game at NRG Stadium, make sure you tailgate beforehand. It's the best tailgating scene in the NFL.Matt Brawley: Dear Drew, How bout some all black jerseys this year for one game?

DD: Sorry Matt. No chance of that happening. The NFL allows one alternate jersey, and the Texans' is Battle Red. Their main home jersey is Deep Steel Blue, and their road one is Liberty White.Matt Horton: Dear Self, Drew Dougherty is starting to look like a young Dave Ward. Should I just settle in now and get used to the idea of Drew on the air in Houston for th next 40 years? I remember this guy when he was just a kid doing local sports in Lubbock. Wreck 'Em.

DD: Gitchee guns up, Matt. And thanks for the kind words.You remember these little tidbits, eh?** Dave Ward is a legend, and I'd be incredibly fortunate to last any place for 40 years.


Daniel Fuentez**: Dear Drew, how many actual players participate during the rookie mini camp?

DD: There will be 45 rookies, and a handful of second year players as well. They'll be on the field at the Houston Methodist Training Center on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.Richard Anthony Fernandez Dear Drew, How are Jaelen Strong, David Quessenberry and Lonnie Ballentine health-wise? **

DD**: All are healthy again after their respective bouts with injury and in the case of Quessenberry, cancer. Strong will be back to compete in the receiving corps. Last season he finished with 14 catches for 141 yards. Ballentine will also look to crack into the rotation in the defensive backfield, while Quessenberry's going to compete for an offensive line spot.


Chato Lyday: Dear Drew, Do you think Zach Cunningham will help set the edge on defense?

DD: He might do that from time-to-time, but I think you'll primarily see him playing at inside linebacker. He was a playmaker in his career at Vanderbilt, and our John Harris had him ranked as the 34th-best player in the entire Draft.I-Min Michael Mau:  Dear Drew, Any news on our center Nick Martin? Hopefully he's all set to go after not playing a single game last year.

DD: He too is set to come back and compete for a spot on the offensive line. Greg Mancz, who started all last season and missed just one snap in 2016, will be tough to unseat at center. Xavier Su'a-Filo and Jeff Allen played left guard and right guard, respectively, last year, and Martin might battle with them as well. Jonathon Lovil: DEAR DREW, I JUST HAVE ONE QUESTION. NOW THAT THE COMP PICKS FOR NEXT YEAR HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED DO YOU SEE THE TEXANS MAKING A RUN FOR FREE AGENTS OUT THERE?

DD: AS ALWAYS, GREAT QUESTION AND THANK YOU FOR SENDING IT IN ALL CAPS LOCK. I'M SURE THE TEXANS WILL KICK THE PROVERBIAL TIRES ON FREE AGENTS AT THE OFFENSIVE LINE AND DEFENSIVE SECONDARY SPOTS, PRIMARILY. DON'T BE SURPRISED TO SEE SOME NEW FACES ADDED IN THE COMING MONTHS, VIA FREE AGENCY.Thomas Ferraro: Dear Drew, As I lay here post cancer surgery recovery wondering about the team, which do you think we will have the most of by the time preseason ends...Starting TE's, starting QB's, #of TD's, #of ints or #of take aways?

DD: First things first: best of luck and all our well wishes in your fight against cancer. We're all pulling for you. Tough question, and creative question, you pose. I'm going to say the highest number of the categories you listed will be touchdowns. I think the Texans will be able to score again this August.Ty Moore King**: DearDrew, My last question didn't make it the other time goes: Will the Texans win

the AFC South division, again?**

DD: Sure, why not? Their defense was outstanding last season, even though they were able to force just 17 turnovers. That was the 26th-best mark in the NFL. I think that number rises with the return of J.J. Watt, because I think the pressures on opposing quarterbacks will go up with him in the lineup.
Offensively, I believe you'll see an improvement in quarterback play, which was a mighty struggle last year.
Alejandro Mazal Dear Drew, I have heard/read non definitive stories about Vince Wilfork retiring/being a free agent and not returning to the Houston Texans for the 2017 season. Can you provide any certainty about the team's future with or without Vince? I really hope he comes back for one last season, we need his leadership and presence!

DD: Even though he hasn't officially announced it, I think Wilfork is retired. He spoke about it the week before the playoff win over the Raiders, and then again in the locker room at New England after the loss to the Patriots. Scott Roberts: Dear Drew, When do OTAs start up this year?

DD: They get going the week of Monday, May 22.Kelli Stover: Dear Drew, I asked you to answer my question before and got ignored.

DD: Dang. Sorry. Rain check?Michael Hagarty:  Dear Drew, I am interested on how you find your hilarious videos which are shown on your computer behind you in Dear Drew.

DD**: Facebook, mainly. Sometimes on Twitter. Sometimes on YouTube.

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