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Dear Drew: Extended written edition

EDITOR'S NOTE: Drew Dougherty answered a handful of questions from fans in the video above. He answered more below. Remember to brush your teeth twice per day.Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, we've heard that DeAndre Hopkins has the best arm in camp. What have you heard from the coaches and how crazy will the backup QB battle be?DD**: Weeden indeed has a strong right arm, but the same can be said for Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson. As for the backup spot, it'll be a strong competition between him and Watson. Working in his favor is the wealth of NFL game experience he's accrued in his five pro seasons. He's also been able to absorb the Texans offense for the last season-and-a-half.

But don't ever rule out Watson. He was special enough for the Texans to move up aggresively via trade in the 2017 Draft, and he's got a BCS title.

Brian M. Tergerson: Dear Drew, Greg Mancz did great last year. Nick Martin should take his position. Could you see Greg moving into the guard position easily, or vice versa?DD: I agree with your first two opinions. Mancz was rock-solid in 2016 and missed just one snap the entire year. But Martin showed a lot of promise last May, June and August before a leg injury ended what would have been his rookie season.

As far as Mancz competing for a guard spot, it could happen. But Xavier Su'a-Filo and Jeff Allen will have a lot to say about that, as they were the starters last year. At a minimum, if Martin, Su'a-Filo and Allen are good enough to keep Mancz from starting at any of those interior spots, the depth and quality of offensive line will be better in 2017.

Mike Ledesma: Dear Drew, Can you please get some Texans gear down here central Texas!DD: Sorry to hear it. If you're having trouble finding Texans gear at Academy Sports Outdoors, check out Hallas: Dear Drew, I am so impatient and can't wait to see some Texans football again!! Anyway my question is: Do you think rookie RB D'Onta Foreman see a lot of playing time this season?DD: Yes. Lamar Miller is the starter, but I think Foreman will definitely get some carries in 2017. He was outstanding at the University of Texas, and is a powerful running back. 

Alejandro Mazal: Dear Drew, How much action will Watson see in the preseason games against Dallas and NE? I'm trying to decide if I should go or not.DD: Alejandro, you should definitely go. You can learn a lot about some of the guys not named Watt, Hopkins or Clowney during the August games.

I'd expect Watson to play in both contests, but have no clue how Bill O'Brien will divide the reps between the trio of quarterbacks.Matt Brawley: Dear Drew, On a Rick Flair scale of 1-10, how many "wooooos" would you give the Texans chances of a Super Bowl this year?DD: 16. For sure, 16.

Jake Bingham: Dear Drew, Will Carlos Watkins play a lot at DE?DD: Watkins, like the rest of the players in the front seven, will likely move around a bit on the line. Yes, you'll probably see him as a defensive end, and yet you'll also very likely see him playing on the inside in certain situations. That's one of the beauties of the personnel and scheme of this defense.Michael Ruiz: Dear Drew, What can we expect out of Tom Savage this season?DD: Command of the offense, good decision-making, toughness and leadership. I believe Savage will do some really good things this year. 

Nick Battista: Dear Drew, Who is the most impressive or most improved player so far this year?DD: This is a tough one, but I'm intrigued by what we'll see from Tyler Ervin this season. He showed some promise last year, but was primarily a special-teamer. I think he'll be more involved in the offense as well this season, and will provide some electricity on that side of the ball.Richard Anthony Fernandez: Dear Drew, who do you think our starting safeties will be this year? DD: It'll likely be Andre Hal and Corey Moore. Both have starting experience, and with the departure of Quintin Demps to Chicago in free agency, there's a good chance those two will start in the base defense. Keep an eye on Kurtis Drummond, though. He missed last year with an injury, but was promising in 2015 as a rookie.Dave Campbell: Speaking of Australia though. Dearest Drew, have you ever watched State of Origin? It is game 3 tonight "the decider". Worth watching even if you don't understand the rules. Queenslander!DD: Dearest Dave, I'm terribly sorry but I don't know what that is. I'm going to do some research though, and hopefully catch up. Sound good?

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