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Dear Drew: Extended written edition for OTAs

Drew Dougherty received an abundance of fan questions via Facebook this week. He answered a few in the video above, and answered a great deal more below. Enjoy.John Martinez: Dear Drew, With Deshaun Watson getting better and better every day, do you think when the pads come on he will thrive versus a good defense?DD: Improve? Yes. Thrive? That's a lot to ask. He's a rookie, and he's still learning the complexities of the offense, his teammates, the NFL and much more. The defense he'll line up against every day in practice is top-notch, so to ask him to thrive in his second month on the job is a tall task. He can thrive, but I think it's going to take longer than his first training camp for that to happen.Kevin Stone: Dear Drew, What can you tell us about Sio Moore and Dres Anderson and how they complement the team?DD: Moore is a linebacker who's on his fourth team in the span of a year. This time in 2016, he was a Colt. He played the first four games there last season with them, was cut, spent time with the Chiefs, was cut, and then finished the season with the Cardinals.

But the way he concluded last season is pretty intriguing. He rang up and 11-tackle game, a 14-tackle game and a 7-tackle game to close out the season for Arizona. Moore also forced a pair of fumbles in that season finale.

In 2014, his second year in the League, he tallied 90 tackles for the Raiders. They traded him the next September to Indianapolis.

With the Texans, he'll challenge for rotational time behind the starters inside in Benardrick McKinney and Brian Cushing.

As for Anderson, he's really fast. He was a productive receiver in college at Utah, but injujred a knee his senior year. He went undrafted in 2015 and signed as an undrafted free agent with the 49ers. He was on their practice squad, as well as Chicago's last year. His dad is former Rams wideout Flipper Anderson. He'll challenge for a spot in the receiving corps.

Alfredo Portillo: Dear Drew, With the new touchdown celebration rules which Texans will have the most creative celebration?DD: I'd like to see what Akeem Hunt does in the end zone. The running back is always dancing during quick breaks in the team stretch period, so I think he'd come up with something pretty fun if he scored.Eugenio Manuel Pimentel L: Dear Drew, Did you come to Monterrey? I was expecting a call from you for carne asada at my home!DD: Thanks a lot for the offer, but no, I was home in Houston last weekend. I made it to Mexico City last June with Whitney Mercilus and some other Houston Texans employees, and then was back for the game against the Raiders in November. Hopefully I'll make it to Monterrey in the future. And yes, I'll hit you up for the carne asada.

Patrick Deadend Green: Dear Drew, Who will be the Texans outside linebacker on the other side of Whitney Mercilus since John Simon went to the colts?DD: Sweet middle name. As for the OLB spot, look out for Brennan Scarlett. He saw action in seven games last year, and was hurt in mid-October. The Texans thought highly enough of him that they didn't place the undrafted rookie on the permanent injured reserve. Instead, they placed him on the IR with designation to return, and he played well in two of the last three games.Matt Taylor: How was David Quessenbery's first day back on the field and do you think he has a shot at making the 53-man roster?DD: It was good, and he was glad to be talking about his football performance and not chemotherapy and the comeback from lymphoma. He's practiced at a few different spots on the offensive line, so his versatility is something that works in his favor. He certainly has a shot at making the roster.

Mike Winston: Dear Drew, why do you always hyperventilate after your last question is answered?DD: I'm not really sure. I started with the fake laughter about four or five episodes into this. Now we're on Episode 125. Chris Royal: Dear Drew, Is it true that you were undefeated as the American Thai Switchblade Champion? If so what year and could you display your championship switchblade skills for us all? (Without injuring yourself before camp)DD: Yes. The late 1990's. No.Matt Brawley: Dear Drew, Do you think it's a coincidence that the Astros are so hot since J.J Watt played his charity game there?DD: Very interesting question. The Astros were off on May 13. Their record at that point was a scorching 25-11 (.694). They resumed play on May 14 and since then they've gone 17-7 (.708).

Anthony Mills: Dear Drew, First of all hello from the land down under (Australia). When, if ever, will the best team in the world come down under?DD: Thanks for the question, Anthony. Right now, I don't think you'll see the Texans in Australia anytime soon. They just played a game in Mexico City last season, and I think if they play internationally again it will be back there. But I know the NFL wants more International games, and Asia is on their target list. We'll see if Australia winds up there as well someday.I-Min Michael Mau: Dear Drew, Vandy says you Texans Radio guys are busy getting ready for West Virginia. Do you guys have good accommodations lined up? Better than a trailer in the woods I hope.DD: Yes, we will have a nice place to stay while the Texans hold training camp at The Greenbrier. But I'm not going to divulge the exact location, because of the paparazzi. Tim L Shelton: Dear Drew, Why doesn't quality depth on the offensive line seem to be a concern?DD: The Texans added a pair of linemen in the Draft, and recently signed veteran Breno Giacomini. They also like the development they've seen from Kendall Lamm and are enthused by the return of David Quessenberry. They're always looking to improve.Chris Basurto: Dear Drew, Are the Texans taking a look at Jeremy Maclin?DD: They keep their eye on every free agent to hit the market. Whether or not they sign him is another thing, but yes, they appraise every available player out there.Ricky Norton: Dear Drew, With the 'Stros doing so well...who do the players say are the best and worst baseball players on the Texans? I would assume that Shane Lechler is automatic as "best" ranking!DD: Starting with Shane Lechler is natural, and he was a really good high school player back in the day. But you gotta remember DeAndre Hopkins was the Yankees' 2nd round pick in the 2002 MLB Draft. He spent five seasons in the minors before going to college at Oklahoma State where he set numerous records.Steven Hunt: Dear Drew, Texans fan in California (since day 1). Last year I came out to my first home game to see the Texans beat the Colts in overtime. My questions is; What game should I come to this year?DD: Hey Steven, good to hear from you again. The Sunday-nighter on October 8 against the Chiefs will be a big deal. Also, the November 5 contest against the Colts shold be a good one too. Those would be my two recommendations.

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