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Dear Drew: Extended written January version

Drew Dougherty was inundated with questions from Texans fans on Facebook. He answered a few of them in the video above, and some more in the article below. Wear many layers in cold weather.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, What do you think about the hiring and extension of Brian Gaine and Bill O'Brien, respectively?
DD: I like it. Brian Gaine is a razor-sharp guy who's seen a lot in his 20-plus years as an NFL player, scout and front-office executive. He got his start under Bill Parcells, a Hall of Famer who won two Super Bowls as a coach, and who turned around the Patriots, Jets and Cowboys as a general manager and coach.

Gaine and O'Brien have worked together here, and should do some great things in the future for the Texans. They have a "foundational piece" in quarterback Deshaun Watson, so a key piece of the puzzle is already in place.

Brad Kendrick: Dear Drew, when will we address the O-line?
DD: Gaine said in his introductory press conference that the offensive line is "certainly an area that we're going to evaluate heavily here". He also said the Texans will be aggressive in free agency, the Draft, on the waiver wire, and in upgrading the practice squad to improve the team. Bottom line: as soon as transactions are allowed to be made, I think you'll see the Texans start making some moves to improve the offensive line.

Steve Hicks: Dear Drew, If we don't have a #1 or #2 pick, will we still have a draft party?
DD: Yes. The details haven't been released, but plan on there being something in or near NRG Stadium on the Saturday of the Draft this spring.

Craigory Bradford: Dear Drew, Are the Texans doing any research on the amount of injuries that occurred this season specifically at NRG? It seems our players get hurt on our home field a lot.
DD: The team is always researching and trying to figure out ways to keep their players safer. But NRG Stadium isn't the problem. Deshaun Watson wasn't injured in NRG Stadium. Neither were Chris Clark, Christian Covington, Bruce Ellington, C.J. Fiedorowicz, D.J. Reader and Brennan Scarlett, to name a few. Football's a violent sport, no matter where you play it. 

Minz Lentz: Dear Drew, who decides who the mascot is? How does one try out to be TORO? Is there a pro mascot university and draft? Are there 2 individuals that handle the TORO responsibilities or just one? (TORO is the best, by the way)
DD: There's only one TORO, and he's not relinquishing his outfit anytime soon. No tryouts, no mascot university, and no mascot draft exists around here. 

Chris Royal: Dear Drew, Do you think the cool, comfort of The Greenbrier had anything to do with the litany of injuries last year? And are we scheduled to go back this year?
DD: Nope. And yes. If anything, the Texans were able to get in more work at The Greenbrier as opposed to here in Houston. They weren't having to stop down for water breaks as much, they were able to practice at a quicker tempo, etc. The Texans are scheduled to return to West Virginia this summer.

Joe Martinez: Dear Drew, How long have you been a Houston fan? Do you know the legacy of heartbreak for Houston fans?
DD: Since 1977, so yeah, I know. But sunny days are certainly ahead with the pieces already in place here. I've never been more optimistic about the future than I am now.

Joe King Calderon: Dear Drew, Are we going to draft a backup QB?
DD: That wouldn't surprise me. Tom Savage, T.J. Yates and Josh Johnson are all free agents. Taylor Heinicke is under contract through 2018. I don't think, however, that the Texans will use one of their early picks on a signal-caller, though.

Juan Carlos Alegria: Dear Drew, What kind of compensatory pick will we get for A.J. Bouye?
DD: Most likely a 3rd-rounder, based on the way he played this season for Jacksonville. 

Chato Lyday: Dear Drew, Franklin Brosevelt, When is the new general managers first day on the job?
DD: Bro Montana, his first day on the job was about a week or so ago and he's been hard at work evaluating the current roster.

Jeffery Hope: Dear Drew, Are there any talks of hiring a DC that runs a 4-3?
DD: No.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, Do you have an Instagram as well, or just Twitter?
DD: I have one, but I haven't posted on it since 2012. So, not really. Twitter's kind of enough for me, social media-wise.

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