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Dear Drew: Extended written offseason edition

Drew Dougherty answered a few questions from fans in the video above. He answered some more in the article below. Enjoy, and do your best to get an hour of exercise every day.

Joe King Calderon: Dear Drew, Now that Rick Smith is gone, will they replace him for good or just temporarily?
DD: Smith is taking a one-year leave of absence, and when he returns, he'll be back as an Executive Vice President. However, at his Monday press conference, he said "if Mr. McNair feels like he wants to hire a general manager, then he will hire a general manager and that will be just fine." 

Scott Roberts: Dear Drew, do you eat your vegetables?
DD: Yep. Mainly celery and carrots and cucumbers. With some ranch dressing.

Tray Patrick: Dear Drew, Is there ANY chance that Houston will land a big name OL in free agency or can they get a big name in the draft?
DD: Tray, it depends on your definition of 'big name'. To most, there's not an Anthony Muñoz, or Bruce Matthews or Mike Munchak or Larry Allen in this year's class. There are, however, players who can certainly help, and it's just a matter of pinpointing them and getting them to sign with Houston. Help is most certainly available in free agency.

As for the Draft, every year there are starters to be found in the middle and late rounds. Just look at the Texans recent history there: in 2012 they nabbed a pair of starting linemen in 3rd-round guard Brandon Brooks and 4th round center/guard Ben Jones. The latter was selected for his first Pro Bowl this season in Philadelphia. In 2011, the Texans took Derek Newton in the 7th round, and he started at right tackle for five seasons.

Like free agency, help is definitely available in the Draft.

Lou Bertone: Dear Drew, We need to draft a QB just in case, right?
DD: Need? Not necessarily. Want? Perhaps. It would make sense if the Texans see a player they think they can develop. They currently have a pair of 3rd round picks, and will likely add a compensatory 3rd because of the way A.J. Bouye has played this year. I'd be mildly suprised if they used any of those picks on a quarterback, but I could see it happening later in the Draft.

Michael Prather: Dear Drew, Who run Bartertown?
DD: You know who. MasterBlaster.

David Lail: Dear Drew, Do you think C.J. Fiedorowicz will be back next year?
DD: I think the tight end will be back next year. He suffered a concussion at Tennessee in Week 13. A few weeks ago, head coach Bill O'Brien said he expected Fiedorowicz would be back for 2018 and the Texans would "love to see him back."

StevenandLyndsey Chimene: Dear Drew, How much could a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
DD: 37.

Daniel Fuentez: Drew Drew, since we don't have a first or second round will the Texans still hold a draft party at reliant stadium?
DD: Daniel, I'm pretty sure you'll see the Texans do something on the Saturday of the Draft for fans at NRG Stadium. No concrete plans yet, but stay tuned for the specifics.

Emma Beard: Dear Drew, Who's your Texans dream team using past or present players?
DD: Ooooooooooh, love these type of questions. I'm going to make an entire article out of this later in the offseason. But off the top of my head, let's go with:

QB-Deshaun Watson
RB-Arian Foster
WR-Andre Johnson
WR-DeAndre Hopkins
WR-Will Fuller
TE-Owen Daniels
LT-Duane Brown
LG-Wade Smith
C-Chris Myers
RG-Chester Pitts
RT-Eric Winston

OLB-Jadeveon Clowney
DE-J.J. Watt
NT-Vince Wilfork
DE-Antonio Smith
OLB-Mario Williams
ILB-Brian Cushing
ILB-DeMeco Ryans
CB-Johnathan Joseph
CB-Aaron Glenn
S-Glover Quin
S-Danieal Manning

LS-Jon Weeks
P-Shane Lechler
K-Kris Brown

PR/KOR-Jacoby Jones 

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