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Dear Drew: Extended Written Thanksgiving version

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions from Facebook in the video above. He answered some more in the article below. Don't be afraid to eat more than you normally should on Thanksgiving Day. No judgements here.

Nancy Jasek Munoz: Dear Drew, what sparked Tom Savage to get it done vs. the Cardinals?
DD: As much as Savage struggled in Week 1, as well as against the Colts and Rams, most on the Texans believed he could play more like the guy they saw in late December last year, as well as the quarterback he was in May, June and during the preseason. 

During those times, he was decisive and aggressive, and the Texans offense moved the ball. He was able to play that way last Sunday, tossing a pair of touchdowns, shaking off a pair of turnovers, and guiding the Texans on five total scoring drives. For the sixth time this year, Houston scored 30 points or more. 

Clifford Freeman: Dear Drew, How is Deshaun Watson's rehab going right now? Will he be better next season?
DD: By all accounts, it's going well. He's been in the building and working with the medical training staff. He's in good spirits and should be ready to rock in 2018.

Phil Rommel: Dear Drew, "Your my boy DREW!" How is Will Fuller progressing? P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!
DD: Happy Thanksgiving to you, Phil. Fuller is doing okay after his ribs injury. He's worked off to the side at practice, away from his teammates. Bill O'Brien was asked about the receiver on Wednesday, and said he didn't know if Fuller would be able to play on Monday Night Football at Baltimore.

Chris Royal: Dear Drew, What are you Thankful for? I am Thankful to these players and coaches for NOT giving up even after all of these injuries.
DD: Chris, I'm thankful for a great family and a great way to make a living. The Texans are far from out of it, and these guys are pretty mentally tough.

Juan Martinez: Dear Drew why in the world are they going to do construction on another highway and have not finished others.
DD: I know man.

Ccbam Almaguer: Dear Drewster, What kind of impact do you think Andre Ellington will have under Lamar Miller at running back and do you see a bigger role for him than D'Onta Foreman?
DD: He'll likely be the third back, behind Miller and Alfred Blue. O'Brien liked his quickness and speed, and is looking forward to coaching him. He said Ellington will also likely be able to help on special teams, too.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, Who do you think should be inducted into the Texans Ring of Honor next? Chester Pitts should be next in my opinion.
DD: Great question, Samantha. It depends on how exclusive you want to make the Ring of Honor. I think J.J. Watt is the only other lock right now. Other names that would merit discussion: Arian Foster, DeAndre Hopkins, Johnathan Joseph, Duane Brown, Jadeveon Clowney, Chris Myers, Owen Daniels, to name a few.

Glynn Cooper: Dear Drew, Is there a voodoo queen out there sticking pins in our players? All the injuries can't be a coincidence.
DD: If you believe in voodoo, then, yeah. Sure.

Ramiro Rodriguez: Dear Drew, How are our rookie offensive linemen coming along?
DD: Julien Davenport has been fighting through a shoulder injury, and missed the last couple games. Kyle Fuller's been inactive. I think they'll factor into the rotation in the near future, though.

Gabriel Guerrero: Dear Drew, I really want the Oilers Columbia blue back,will the Texans ever rock them luv ya blue colors again?
DD: Nope. The Titans own them. 

Mike Winston: DEAR DREW THE MAN, What do we see as JJ Watt's future?
DD: He's rehabbing and on track for a return in 2018. I can't wait to see him out on the field again.

Paddy Langford: Dear Drew, What is the situation with Cushing? Will he be back with the Texans?
DD: On Wednesday, O'Brien said Cushing would be back in the building next week, and the team would evaluate his status and move on from there. Cushing left the Week 1 game with a concussion, and then was suspended later that week by the NFL.

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