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Dear Drew: Extended written version

We got a lot of questions this week, and could only answer a handful on the video. So I answered a few more below in this article. Don't forget to tell the ones you love, that you love them.

Beth Tabak: Dear Drew, Has anyone talked to Deshaun Watson about knowing the difference when he can escape and when he should just go down before being pummeled?
DD: He knows. He was able to peel off a 49-yard touchdown run in the second quarter and an 11-yard scamper in the fourth, to name a few. The rookie has excellent mobility, and one thing head coach Bill O'Brien has repeatedly praised is Watson's ability to never make the same mistake twice. Evidence of that: the touchdown run came two plays after he was rocked for a sack by Geno Atkins.

Alejandro Mazal: Dear Drew, Was Jaelen Strong released because Will Fuller is close to being healthy and, if so, when would he be able to get back on the field?
DD: No. Fuller won't play Sunday against the Patriots. He should be back soon, but Strong was waived because of Fuller's return. O'Brien said cutting Strong was tough, but was done in the best interests of the team. Aside from catching a trio of touchdown passes in two games against the Colts as a rookie, Strong struggled to produce as a Texan.

Bill Richards: Dear Drew, What do you think are the keys for our defense to slowing down Tom Brady?
DD: Tough one, but I think the Texans need make Brady uncomfortable throughout the game on Sunday. They did so pretty well through three quarters in the playoff game, but ultimately the Patriots pulled away. He threw a pair of picks in that game versus the Texans, after throwing just two the entire regular season. A steady diet of Whitney Mercilus, J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney could go a long way in helping the Texans defense accomplish that goal.

Sam Morris: Dear Drew, Would shifting Stephen Anderson to the outside receiver position help with our struggles opposite DeAndre Hopkins?
DD: I don't think so. He's a tight end who's quicker than most linebackers, but bigger than most defensive backs. I'm not sure Anderson is fast enough to flourish on the outside at receiver on a consistent basis.

Nita Rene Holmes Smith: Dear Drew, No question... just a big THANK YOU to the Houston Texans! THANK YOU, HOUSTON TEXANS- for donating new shoes and footballs to every single guy on the KINGWOOD HIGH SCHOOL MUSTANG FOOTBALL TEAM!. GOD BLESS YOU!
DD: D.J. Reader and Nick Martin, along with some Houston Texans Cheerleaders took some gear up north and surprised the Mustangs. Pretty fun day for all involved. 

Uriel Garza: Dear Drew, Is there a chance D'Onta Foreman can be the starting running back by the end of the season?
DD: I suppose so, but he'll have to keep improving in pass protection. Foreman got more carries in Week 2 against the Bengals, and the run game was significantly better than it was in the season opener.

Nick Battista: Dear Drew, What's up with J.J. Watt's finger?
DD: As he joked, "it's still there". J.J. was able to play last week and practice this week despite the injury, and he said he'll be ready to go on Sunday in New England. 

Mark Baughman: Dear Drew, What's your favorite pregame ritual? And what is your favorite food after a win?
DD: Mark my friend, I don't have too many pregame rituals. But I drink a lot of diet soda. As far as post-win food, I like pizza after home games. When we're on the road, I love the steak n' eggs on the plane home. 

Damian Maldonado: Dear Drew, Do you think the defense will get to be the #1 defense in the NFL like it previously was the last few years.
DD: It certainly has a chance. After allowing the fewest yards per game last season, the Texans have a chance to replicate that in 2017. They'll tell you they'd like to allow the fewest points, create the most turnovers, and get the most sacks, but they'll take diminished statistics if it leads to more wins.

Antonio Perez, Junior: Dear Drew, I was thinking about making some BBQ with the family for the Texans vs Patriots game. What should we put on the grill?
DD: How about some pork ribs? Not too saucy, though.

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