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Dear Drew: Extended written version

EDITOR'S NOTE: Drew Dougherty was inundated with questions this week. He answered a few in the video above, and answered many more in the article below. Please drive home safely and enjoy.

Serena Yvette: Dear Drew, I'm pretty worried about JJ Watt's future with the Texans. Lots of people are suggesting he retire. I don't want that. Do you think he can come back as dominant as he was from 2011-2015?
DD: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Retire? Who's saying that? J.J. will attack the rehab process and be back on the field in the future. We've not seen the last of him, and I won't bet against him being a difference-maker again in the future.

Jonathan Myers: Dear Drewster, With Watt & Whitney Mercilus out for the season, who do you see stepping up to help out the pass rush?
DD: In addition to Jadeveon Clowney, some key names to watch will be Brennan Scarlett and Ufomba Kamalu. The latter two are second-year players who flashed and did some nice things as rookies. Now they'll likely get a lot more playing time. Kamalu looked really good at times in the preseason, and even recorded a sack in Week 17 last season at Tennessee.

Mickey Escobedo: Dear Drew, Why can't Stephen Anderson get more passes thrown his way?
DD: The second-year tight end has played in four games this year, catching seven passes for 119 yards. He'll continue to be an option for Deshaun Watson, and it wouldn't surprise me if his targets per game rise. But hey, Watson's done a great job spreading the ball around, and there are a lot of options now in this offense. Anderson's an attractive one because he's fast for a tight end and presents a matchup problem for opposing defenses.

Bigyan Sharma: Dear Drew, When are we going to see some trick plays?
DD: You saw two last week. Chris Thompson took a little flip forward after he was in motion, and went 19 yards with it. Later, Bruce Ellington was about to throw a pass, but wound up getting dropped for a four-yard loss. Bill O'Brien and the Texans are never averse to running a creative play or two from time-to-time.

I-Min Michael Mau: Dear Drew, what's the prognosis for Mercilus recovery?
DD: He should be back and ready to go during the spring.

Phil Rommel: Dear Drew, what is the secret to Watson and Will Fuller V's instant chemistry considering they didn't play together during the preseason?
DD: Hard work. Before Fuller was able to practice with the team in late-September, he was able to run routes and catch passes. So he and Watson would work together after the team practiced, and it's paying off. Fuller's caught four touchdowns in just two games back.

Philip Huddleston: Dear Drew, Chris Thompson seems like a game changer on special teams and even caught a pass for 19 against KC. Could he be our newest Swiss Army Knife on offense because he definitely passes the eye test.
DD: Thompson is definitely a player with a lot of promise. Lightning-fast, he's routinely been one of the first players downfield in punt coverage. He had a 42-yard kickoff return in the win over the Titans. Like you mentioned, he caught the flip pass and took it 19 yards. An undrafted rookie out of Florida, he's been a fun guy to watch the last couple of weeks.

Fernando Arriazola-Perales: Dear Drew, Is there the slightest chance either Watt or Whitney come back? I know they said Dez Bryant had the same thing once and he was out 3 weeks.
DD: Unfortunately, both are finished until 2018 at the earliest.

Mike Ledesma: Dear Drew, Where did this Dylan Cole come from? He had a good game.
DD: He's having a good season. Cole, like Thompson, is an undrafted rookie. He played collegiately at Missouri State and has made a big impact on defense. After five games, he's tallied 17 tackles. Last year as a 1st-team FCS All-American, Cole averaged 13 tackles per game.

Jj X Anwar: Dear Drew, So what's the atmosphere in the locker room after Watt and Mercilus were injured. The excitement and ambitions were over the roof in the locker room after Titans game.
DD: Their teammates are disappointed for Watt and Mercilus, but also know that the rest of the NFL won't sit around and feel sorry for the Texans. They're focused on beating the Browns, doing their individual jobs and making plays.

Ccbam Almaguer: Dear Drew, What do you think of our season now with all the hype on the Jags and 2 key players out? Do you still see a run in to the playoffs this season?
DD: Sure, why not? The Texans' offense is as dynamic as we've ever seen it. For the first time in franchise history, they've scored 30 or more points in three straight games of the same season. Watson is spreading the ball around and moving the chains. The Jaguars are definitely impressive and the team to beat right now in the AFC South, but the Texans are definitely capable of catching them. 

Casey Owen: Dear Drew, When was the last time the Texans had 3 30 point games in a row?
DD: From Week 17 of 2009 through Week 2 of 2010, the Texans scored 30 or more in a game. That was a win over the Patriots to end the season, and then wins over Indianapolis and Washington to start the next. This is the first time the Texans have done it in the same season. 

Check out some of the best shots from Wednesday's practice as the Texans prepare for the Browns.

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