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Dear Drew: Extended written Week 14 edition

Mickey Escobedo: Dear Drew, J.J. Watt took his first steps a few days ago, but how is Whitney Mercilus doing?
DD: He's doing really well. Mercilus injured a pectoral muscle on the same drive against Kansas City that J.J. injured his knee. We've seen both guys in the building since, and both seem to be in good sprits. It's likely that Mercilus will be able to practice with the team during OTAs this May.

Alex Lopez: Dear Drew, What's your take on the injury bug this season?
DD: Awful luck. There have been questions about who is to blame, but I really think it's just the nature of the business. These guys are incredibly big and incredibly fast, and there are at least a dozen collisions on every single play. The Texans have been unlucky this season with injuries.

Jeffrey Wilson: Dear Drew, Is it true that the United States is a foreign owned and bankrupt corporation enslaving every last man, woman and child in America?
DD: No.  

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, with our draft picks going to Cleveland, will the Texans at least benefit from a strength of schedule next year?
DD: Not really. They're locked into 14 games, no matter where they finish. They'll play home-and-away versus Indianapolis, Tennessee and Jacksonville. They'll also host the Bills, Dolphins, Cowboys, Giants and AFC North Same Place Finisher.

They'll travel for road games at New England, the New York Jets, Philadelphia, Washington, and the AFC West Same Place Finisher.

So two games will be determined by their 2017 standings. 

Jason Carroll: Dear Drew, What would you do for a Klondike bar?
DD: I'd say "please".

Ramiro Rodriguez: Dear Drew, I did you a favor and answered almost all of the questions on here!
DD: Thanks Broseph. Nice work.

Colton Milstead: Dear Drew, Will Deshaun Watson have to wear a knee brace throughout next year as an caution to avoid putting too much pressure on his legs?
DD: Way too early for me to know, Colton, but that wouldn't surprise me.

Daniel Fuentez: Dear Drew, any chance the Texans could be eligible for next season's Hard Knocks?
DD: They're eligible if they want to do it and are chosen. But I think NFL Films and HBO like mixing it up, so they're unlikely be chosen again.

But they can also refuse for a couple reasons: they've been on the show in the last 10 seasons (2015) and they also played in the playoffs in 2016. If you've been in the playoffs the previous two years, you don't have to do it if you're asked.

Teams that have a first-year head coach are also allowed to opt out.

I'd be stunned if they're on it in 2018.

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