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Dear Drew: Extended written Week 5 version

EDITOR'S NOTEThere were a slew questions from fans this week, so Drew answered a few in the video above, and a bunch more in the article below.


Cameron Farlane: Dear Drew, Four games into the season, would you say the secondary and the offensive line needs more adjusting/fixing?
DD: Sure. They would tell you that, but so would every other position group on the team. Bill O'Brien routinely says that the NFL is an improvement league, and that you always have to continue to get better. Both those groups have clearly improved from the Week 1 loss at home to Jacksonville, to last weekend's blasting of the Titans. Deshaun Watson was sacked just once against Tennessee, and the run game picked up 173 yards. The defense forced five turnovers, with safeties Andre Hal and Marcus Gilchrist combining to intercept three passes.

David Broussard: Dear Drew, I think there is more then just one wide receiver on this team. The ball need to see other hands besides Hopkins and the running game his to get better. Also what is up with our offended line.
DD: So does Deshaun Watson. He spread the ball around to five other players on Sunday, and each of those five caught two or more passes. On the season, he's thrown touchdowns to five different pass-catchers as well. There's no problem with Watson locking in one guy. Hasn't happened.

Donna Panter Villarreal: Dear Drew, With Tyler Ervin injured, will Braxton Miller be back on the field?
DD: I think he would've been back on the field regardless. I'd assume Miller will be active this week and beyond. 

Nick Battista: Dear Drew, our offense seems to be meshing well now that Watson has some games under his belt. Will we finally be able to make the next step?
DD: Watson has been steadfast in his pursuit of the one percent: he's maintained that he wants to improve himself by one percent every day. I think the progress he's made has been impressive, and if he's able to build off what he did last Sunday, look out. He's always said he wants to eliminate turnovers, but Watson's been really good in that regard so far.  

Ryan Mclaughlin: Dear Drew, Why do we put round pizza in square boxes and then eat it in triangles?
DD: Tremendous question, Ryan. It's easier to make the dough in a circle, I would guess. And it's probably cheaper to make a square box than a circular one. Cutting a circle into triangles is one of the only ways you can equally divide a circle.


Philip Huddleston: Dear Drew, Can we expect more snaps from Christian Covington or was last week just a case of too much offense so fewer snaps for the defense?
DD: Yeah Philip, I think last week was a bit of an outlier. There were only 41 defensive snaps total, for the Texans. Defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel joked on Thursday that they were running out of stationary bikes on the sidelines to keep the guys warm. I think you'll see Covington's numbers rise in the coming weeks.

Steve Hicks: Dear Drew, what will the Texans do to slow down and stop Kareem Hunt and who will cover Travis Kelce?
DD: Good question, Steve. Throw Tyreek Hill into that mix as well. Vrabel said the key is knowing where those guys are and accounting for them before the snap is a big deal. They're all electric playmakers and Houston's defense will definitely be challenged.


Gloria Blanco: Dear Drew, Can you introduce me to J.J. Watt or Watson. I'm not picky.
DD: Ummmmm... 

Kevin Stone: Dear Drew, is Watson going to have his hands full with the Chiefs pass rush?
DD: For sure, but he's shown through his first few games in the NFL that he's capable of adjusting to the rush. He's also got smart guys coaching him, and an offensive line that's steadily getting better. Center Nick Martin pointed out that the Chiefs like to move their front-7 players around quite a bit. Watson sees that everyday in practice with the likes of Watt, Clowney and Mercilus moving and sometimes being out on the edge, or even over the center occasionally.


Adam Weress: Dear Drew, Where is the money J.J. raised?
DD: It will soon get distributed to a few organiations that he's screened. He's repeatedly said he wants it to go to people that need it most, so he's been cautious through the whole process. 

Sam Morris: Dear Drew, we haven't seen much of Jay Prosch this year despite him coming off a fantastic season. Thoughts?
DD:  Prosch played more on special teams (31 snaps) last Sunday than he did on offense. But remember: Bill O'Brien's always said that the Texans are a gameplan offense. That means they're not going to run the same type of offense week after week after week. If they think they'll be able to hammer a team with the run, they'll do so. Look for Prosch to get more action on offense in the weeks to come.

Joseph Boyd: Dear Drew, How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?
DD: 112. 

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