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Dear Drew: MORE, MORE, MORE!

Dear Drew: Who will the Texans use to return punts and kickoffs this season?-From Doug Emison

As I said in the video above, there's a good chance Damaris Johnson is the guy to watch after OTAs and minicamp. But it's certainly a fluid deal, and plenty of other players might get looks at each return spot through training camp, the preseason and even the regualr season as well.

When Bill O'Brien was asked about it, he reiterated that Keshawn Martin was in the mix, as he's handled those duties since the middle of 2012. But the head coach has also been impressed by a few other names.

"We've got two rookies that are back there fielding punts in (Chandler) Worthy and (Keith) Mumphery," O'Brien said. "We've got D.J. (Damaris Johnson) back there. Cecil Shorts has fielded punts. Arian Foster has fielded punts, so we've used a number of guys back there."


Dear Drew: Who at this point do you see in getting the starting QB position?-From Fernando Puro Sanchez**

Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer duked it out in OTAs and minicamp, and both have the offense running at a quicker tempo than this time a year ago.

I think after the first preseason game we'll find out who the guy is.

Neither one would be a suprise to me.Dear Drew: I think they should give you a huge flat screen tv in your office and a raise lol. You really stepped in for us after Cody went away. Question: In your personal opinion, which game on the schedule do you think is a must travel for Texans fans. -From Michael Jones

Thanks for the kind words, Michael. I actually answered this question for the video, but it got cut out by the censors because I went long and the answer was way too hilarious.

But I said Buffalo.

I went in 2009 and it was a lot of fun. Got to see Niagara Falls, which is fascinating. There's also a casino nearby if you like gambling. Or watching people gamble. Plus, Buffalo is the home of the Buffalo Wing, and I went to the bar that 'invented' it. On top of all that, the Texans won that 2009 contest to push their record to 5-3, so it was a memorable trip in a good way. 


Dear Drew: Do you think Watt is actually a Terminator sent from the future to save Houston & help us win a Super Bowl?-From Colton Milstead**  Colton Milstead Dear Drew, 

Do you think Watt is actually a Terminator sent from the future to save Houston & help us win a Super Bowl?

I don't think so.

I do, however, think Watt has a future in acting, if that's what he wants. He's already been on a couple of television shows ("The League" and "New Girl") and he's semi-bros with Arnold Schwarzeneeger.

In fact, Arnold 'recommended' J.J. play the Terminator in a few years. Dear Drew,Me: Knock Knock You: Who's there?Me: Drew.You: Drew Who? Me: Drew, do you think we're going to the Super Bowl? I DO.-From Monica Luna-Dominguez

I'll just leave on that note.

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Peace out. 


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