Dear Drew: MORE! MORE! MORE!

Topher McKeon Dear Drew,
How are Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett getting along

Dear Drew: How are Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett getting along? -From Topher McKeon

As far as I know, they get along just fine. Their competition has been described as a healthy and friendly one. Both have been on the same team before in New England, they both know the system, and they're very driven individuals. Each has said all the right things about the other, and both say they want what's best for the team.

Dear Drew: How is the WR position looking? Is Jaelen Strong our number 2 guy?- From Victor N Edith Gallegos

Wide receiver is one of the more fiercely contested positions this offseason. At the tippy-top, you have DeAndre Hopkins. He led the squad in receiving yards last season. Cecil Shorts, III, Nate Washington,

Damaris Johnson and Keshawn Martin all have NFL experience. Plus, names like EZ Nwachukwu, Travis Labhart and a few more are fighting for a spot. As for Strong, I think he can eventually become "a number 2 guy", but he's not there yet.

Dear Drew: Could you beat Vince Wilfork in a 40 Yd dash.....if there was a full slab of ribs at the finish line?-From Chris Commander

No. Ribs or no ribs. No. I'm slow.

Dear Drew: Dude your segment is always the lamest !! Like the Texans news and updates but yours need to go ..- From Minh Nguyen

Thanks. Sweet use of punctuation, Broseph.

Dear Drew, which rookie do you expect to have the most impact on the squad this season?-From Brian Schirck

Good question, Brian. I really like what I saw from first-rounder Kevin Johnson. The Wake Forest cornerback looked like a guy who will contribute somehow on defense, even if he isn't a starter. Plus, his special teams abilities are intriguing as well. Gotta go with Johnson, off the bat.


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