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Dear Drew: The Extended Edition

I get questions all the time.

Some come on Facebook.

Others on Twitter.

I'll get the occasional email.

Some of my joker friends will text me.

But whenever "Dear Drew" is in play, I try to incorporate it into the weekly video we do on

A lot of the time, I'll give a breezy answer or no answer at all, and I feel a little guilty about that. So to fix the problem, I'll go a little deeper with my responses here in written form, and I'll answer more than just three or four questions at a time like I typically do in the videos.

First up is this week's winner of the Texas Lottery Scratchoffs.

Charles Stein: Dear Drew, with the recent departures from our offensive line, where can the Texans look to find protection for their newly acquired franchise QB?

That's a great question Charles. They lost starting center Ben Jones and starting right guard Brandon Brooks. Pro Bowl left tackle Duane Brown is on the rehab trail after a quadriceps injury in Week 17 last season. So help up front is needed.

They began by addressing the line early in free agency. The Texans signed Kansas City Chiefs guard Jeff Allen and Oakland center Tony Bergstrom. Allen was drafted out of Illinois in 2012 as a tackle, but kicked inside to left guard with the Chiefs. Xavier Su'a-Filo played that spot for the bulk of 2015, so it will be interesting to see where those two line up in OTAs. My pal John Harris wrote a really cool piece on how Allen fits in with the Texans, and goes a little more in-depth.

I think the Texans will definitely draft an offensive lineman in one of the first three rounds in a month. It could be a tackle who eventually moves inside. It could be a tackle who allows current right tackle Derek Newton to move inside to a guard spot. There are a number of possibilities.

Also keep an eye on current Texans like David Quessenberry, Jeff Adams, Chris Clark and Greg Mancz. The first three are all capable of playing a tackle position, while Mancz was a 2nd-team All-American center in 2014 at Toledo.

Bottom line: I think Houston will look within, outside some more in free agency, and in the draft.**

Matt Brawley:Dear Drew, When will the Texans have a Jerry Glanville Elvis day?**

Never, Matt. Never. But we can always dream, right?**

David Mean Green: Dear Drew, Despite all the talk of needing a speedy wideout, do you think there's a chance we take Hunter Henry to give us a pass catching tight end?**

I don't see it happening in the first round.

Perhaps in the second round, but I still think positions like receiver, offensive line and defensive line will be valued above the tight end spot early in the draft.**

Luis Martinez: Dear Drew, Do you see Clowney being a factor this season?**

Absolutely. He was a big factor last season in the 13 games he played. Stats-wise, he didn't put up gaudy numbers or finish with double-digit sacks.

But if you simply focus on him, and watch when he plays, it's clear how much of an impact he has on

opposing offenses. He rarely is blocked by just one offensive lineman. This is the first healthy offseason he's had since 2013, when he was getting ready for his last season at South Carolina.

Also, he just picked up the Ed Block Courage Award. You have to be nominated for it by your teammates, and it goes to the player who overcomes injury to make an impact on the field.

Yes: I can't wait to see Clowney in 2016.

Victor N Edith Gallegos: Dear Drew, did you see the new Batman V Superman movie, if so what did you think of it?

I haven't seen it. I want to see it. I'm still puzzled by the idea that those two dudes would ever want to fight each other. I'm also puzzled by the idea that anybody could believe Batman wouldn't get smoked by Superman in a fight.

But there are obviously some mitigating circumstances, if Hollywood spent those millions and made a movie about it.**

Cory Thomas: Dear Drew, Do you feel the new touchback rule change will have a positive or negative effect on the game?**I believe you'll see more kickoff returns now. That's more exciting than a touchback. I'll go with positive.

Tina McKeeDear Drew, Are you going be a #HTCMediaJudge this year? #HTCSuperFan #LuvMyHTC Hope 2 See ya there. Cory Thomas Dear drew,
Do you feel the new touchback rule change will have a positive or negative effect on the game?

I-Min Michael Mau:Dear Drew, got any scoops on anything else the Texans might do free agency-wise before the draft? Things have been quiet after the big boom.**

No major scoops, but I know they're not finished adding free agents, and you'll likely hear of a signing over the next few days. Depth gets layered on in these weeks after the first day or so of free agency, and the depth they'll add will be a familiar face who made some big plays last year. Can't say who he made those plays for, but you'll recognize the name when he signs.**

Chris Royal: Dear Drew, If Talented LB JAYLON SMITH drops to the 2nd rd...Do you think the Texans would use a pick to draft a talented player that would not be ready to play til next year?**

I don't.

I haven't heard encouraging news about his medical future.

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