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Defense "good" on Saturday vs. Saints

The Texans defense kept Drew Brees and the Saints offense out of the end zone on Saturday night.

New Orleans scored a third quarter touchdown when Darius Victor ran in for three yards. But the future Pro Football Hall of Famer Brees was on the sidelines with the bulk of the first-team offense. 

"It looked like we tackled well," head coach Bill O'Brien said. "It looked like we stopped the run well. They moved the ball on us but we held up in the red area. So it was good."

Overall, the defense held the Saints to just 30 rushing yards on the night. Additionally, the Saints were just 6-of-17 on 3rd down.

Outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney returned to the lineup after missing last week's contest against the Patriots. He didn't play much after the first series, but liked what he and his teammates did against the Saints.

"Overall the defense, all the guys that played today did pretty good," Clowney said. "We've got to keep working,use we have a lot of work to do."

Eric Lee turned in a pair of sacks on the night for the Texans, and said it was a result of good team play from the defensive front.

"The d-line and the outside linebackers ran a lot of games," Lee said. "Just getting pressure on the quarterback is the objective. We didn't get the W, but we're making progress there as much as possible. But we still need to make way more progress."

Lee, Clowney and the Texans are flying to Dallas after the game. Because of the inclement weather from Harvey, the team won't return home to Houston immediately.

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