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Defensive changes discussed by Bill O'Brien

He wouldn't go into specifics, but head coach Bill O'Brien spoke about the team's defensive scheme in 2014 and beyond.

At his Friday morning press conference, O'Brien was asked about what alignment he planned to run.

"Defensively, everybody wants to pin you down and ask you if you're going to be a 3-4 guy or a 4-3 guy," O'Brien said. "To me, I think, right now, about 70 percent of games are played in nickel and dime defense because of the type of league it is."

Since 2011, the Texans ran a 3-4 defense under coordinator Wade Phillips. O'Brien said the defense

Houston runs in the future will depend upon the players.

"We'll evaluate the personnel on this team," O'Brien said. "We'll do a really good job of putting together a good football team and we'll adapt the systems to the players that we bring into this program."

Before those system adjustments take place, O'Brien will assemble a new staff of assistants. His first step in that process begins on Saturday.

"I'm going to sit down with every member of the Houston Texans staff tomorrow," O'Brien said. "It will be a long day. We'll sit down and we'll talk and we'll meet eye ball to eye ball. That'll be good. It'll be good experience for me and a good experience for them. We'll go from there. We'll put together a

staff of great teachers, demanding coaches.

Inside linebacker Brian Cushing attended the press conference and spoke with the media afterward. He met O'Brien today, and also said he'd heard "nothing but good things" about the team's new leader.

Cushing is also excited to play in whatever defense the Texans employ.

"Anything that's put forth in my direction, I can do," Cushing said. "Everyone's pretty much excited. We're all looking forward to the opportunity of playing for him."

Cushing is continuing to rehab from a knee injury he suffered at Kansas City in Week 7. He said he expects to be 100 percent in "a month-and-a-half, two months".


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