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Drew's Dougherty Dozen: 12Q w/LB Brian Peters

Here are a few football questions, a few camp questions, and a few life questions for linebacker Brian Peters. You can listen to the full interview**HERE**.

DD: Who's your most underrated teammate?

Peters: Absolutely underrated is probably (safety) Kurtis Drummond. Gritty player. Plays his heart out. Cerebral. Does his job.

DD: What's your best football trait?

Peters: Playing with my heart.

DD: What's your most-improved football trait this offseason?

Peters: Hands and striking.

DD: Which teammate talks the most trash?

Peters: (Cornerback) Kevin Johnson.

DD: Which teammate gets you most pumped up?

Peters: (Linebacker Brennan) Scarlett or (linebacker) Dylan Cole. One or the other.

DD: Which teammate calms you down the most?

Peters: (Punter Shane) Lechler. He has just one chill vibe.

DD: What do you eat for breakfast at camp?

Peters: Camp is a little away from my normal breakfast. But it's just protein and carbs.

DD: Who has the best hair on the team?

Peters: That's super-subjective, but it's definitely not Dylan Cole. His fades are atrocious.

DD: Who's the best dresser on the Texans?

Peters: (Cornerback) Kareem Jackson.

DD: Choose one: you can speak any language in the world, or you can communicate with any non-human animal.

Peters: I'm speaking every language in the world. I want to travel anyways. When it's all said and done, I want to travel the world.

Check out some of the best shots from Monday's Texans Camp practice.

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