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Drew's Dougherty Dozen: 12Q w/RB Alfred Blue

Here are a few football questions, a few camp questions, and a few life questions for running back Alfred Blue. You can listen to the full interview**HERE**.

DD: What's your one, "must-pack" item for training camp?

Blue:   A charger. A cell-phone charger. I couldn't forget that.

DD: What's your best football trait?

Blue:  Size. I would say it's my size because the average running back is under six foot, and I'm 6-2, 230.

DD: What's your most-improved football trait this offseason?

Blue: Catching. Route-running. Being more active in the passing game.

DD: Which teammate gets you most pumped up?

Blue: That would have to be (CB) Kevin Johnson. He's just got so much energy.

DD: Which teammate calms you down the most?

Blue:  (RB) Lamar (Miller). We're good friends off the field. On the field we're always talking about the game as it's going on.

DD: Who's your most underrated teammate?

Blue: Will Fuller. He's one of the top guys in the League. He should be talked about as one of the Top 10 receivers.

DD: What do you eat for breakfast at camp?

Blue: Scrambled eggs and bacon. Sometimes I get a couple of slices of watermelon.

DD: What's the best part of camp?

Blue: When we get to go home and go to sleep.

DD: Who has the best hair on the team?

Blue: (DE) Ufomba (Kamalu). He's got that blonde hair and it stands out. You can see him from a mile away.

DD: Who's your favorite retired NFL player?

Blue: Growing up, I used to like Jerome Bettis. The Bus. Played for Pittsburgh. A big guy running in there.

DD: Do you send postcards from camp, and if you do, who gets them?

Blue: I don't send postcards, and if I did, I wouldn't know who to send them to. Who sends postscards?

Check out some of the best shots from Wednesday's practice at The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

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