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Drew's Dougherty Dozen: 12Q w/RB Troymaine Pope

Here are a few football questions, a few camp questions, and a few life questions for running back Troymaine Pope. You can listen to the full interview**HERE**.

DD: What's your best football trait?

Pope: My quickness and my hands.

DD: What's your most-improved football trait this offseason?

Pope: My focus and my mind. Just learning the game, being smart off the field. Knowledge of defenses, stuff like that.

DD: What do you eat for breakfast at camp?

Pope: Bacon and eggs. I've got to have bacon and eggs and cheese every morning. A couple of orange juices.

DD: Who's your most underrated teammate?

Pope: That's hard. But I'll go with (cornerback) Dee Virgin. That's a baller. He's on it, right there.

DD: Which teammate gets you most pumped up?

Pope: (Quarterback) Joe Webb, III. He's always coming up to me and saying 'Let's go, Bro.' We're from Alabama. He's from Birmingham, I'm from Anniston. They're about 30, 45 minutes from each other. So we've got a connection right there. He's always keeping me positive.

DD: Which teammate calms you down the most?

Pope: (RB Alfred) Blue. He's always coming up with a joke and making me laugh, and getting me back focused.

DD: Which teammate talks the most trash?

Pope: (WR) Sammie Coates. Can't get Sammie to shut up. 

DD: Who's your favorite retired NFL player?

Pope: Now it's a running back, you know that, right? So I'll say Maurice Jones-Drew. That's the man right there. That's my guy. I think he's very underrated.

DD: Who has the best hair on the team?

Pope: Me! Don't you see it? That's good hair.

DD: Who's the best dresser?

Pope: That's me! Swagged out.

DD: If you could play any position but RB in the NFL, which would you play?

Pope: I'd play safety. I like the way they move. You get to blitz. You get to play free, go get the ball, tackle people.

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