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Houston Texans

Drew's Dougherty Dozen: 12Q with S Justin Reid

Here are a few football questions, a few camp questions, and a few life questions for safety Justin Reid. You can listen to the full interview**HERE**.

DD: What's your one, "must-pack" item for training camp?

Reid: My NormaTec. It's a therapeutic machine I use every night in order to help with recovery.

DD: What's your best football trait?

Reid: Speed. Especially when I'm in the middle of the field, to be able to get from sideline to sideline and use what I see to my advantage.

DD: What's your most-improved football trait this offseason?

Reid: Getting out of breaks whenever I'm an unfavorable position.

DD: Which teammate gets you most pumped up?

Reid: Might be 'Drum. (Safety) Kurtis Drummond. I like him. We vibe together well.

DD: Which teammate calms you down the most?

Reid: (Cornerback) Johnathan Joseph. Easily. That veteran experience and having him as a resource just be able to slow things down. He always drops helpful hints all of the time.

DD: Who's your most underrated teammate?

Reid: (Cornerback) Kevin Johnson. People haven't been able to see what he's able to do because he's struggled with some injuries. But man, can that cat play. He's very, very good.

DD: What do you eat for breakfast at camp?

Reid: I do eggs. A fruit bowl of strawberries, blueberries, a banana and raspberries. I have steel cut oatmeal with some brown sugar in it, and that's usually it. I'll drink some water with it.

DD: What's the best part of camp?

Reid: Just having the pads back on. This is the first time I've put pads back on since December of last year. It's been a long time, and it's been really exciting just to be on the field again and be able to stop watching other people play and be able to go play myself.

DD: Who has the best hair on the team?

Reid: Might be 'Hop (WR DeAndre Hopkins). He has a good thickness to his dreads.

DD: Who's the best dresser on the Texans?

Reid: (S) Tyrann (Mathieu). Easily. He comes in the locker room with swag every day. If you notice him on the field, he has these custom cleats that he wears all the time.

DD: Who's your favorite retired NFL player?

Reid: Sean Taylor. He's just a bad dude. Him playing in the middle of the field and the things he's done. It's so tragic what happened to him. He's one of the players I looked up to as a kid.

DD: Do you send postcards from camp, and if you do, who gets them?

Reid: I don't. But I have sent postcards before. I'd send one to my parents. I'd send one to my donor family that I have back at Stanford that housed me whenever I'd come back to train. I'd send one specifically to Coach Turley, who's the strength coach at Stanford, because he's done such an amazing thing for me. And then Ryan Clark, I'd send one to. The former safety for the Steelers, because he trained me back in Louisiana.

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