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Houston Texans

Drew's Dozen: 12Q with RB Duke Johnson

1 DD: Burgers or pizza?
JOHNSON:  Burgers

2 DD: What's on the perfect burger?
JOHNSON: Definitely a fried egg. Fried egg, over hard…

3 DD: Time out. Because that's the correct way to eat a fried egg, right?
JOHNSON: Yeah, because I see a lot of people get it runny. If I get it runny, I'll send it back or I just won't eat it.

4 DD: Back to the rest of the burger. Anything else on it?
DD: Lettuce, tomatoes. Ketchup, mayo, pickles. It has to be made with love. All my food has to be made with love.

5 DD: How is food made with love?
JOHNSON: The person who's making it has to care about what they're doing. They can't be in there just doing it to pass time. They have to really care and put their all into my burger.

6 DD: So when's the last time you cooked something?
JOHNSON: Thanksgiving, actually. I cooked potato salad.

7 DD: Rank the Dukes. Duke Johnson, Daisy Duke, Duke Snider the baseball Hall of Famer, Duke Ellington and Duke basketball.
JOHNSON: Definitely taking Duke the Hall of Famer at one. Daisy Duke? Probably go to three. What's the other Duke? On my list, Duke basketball is last. I went to Miami and they're in the ACC. So they're last just because of that. Oh no: Duke Ellington is definitely number one. I love Duke Ellington. Duke Ellington, then Duke the Hall of Famer. Oh yeah, Daisy Duke now. I am four. And Duke basketball is fifth.

8 DD: Who's your favorite retired NFL player?
JOHNSON: My favorite player of all-time is Sean Taylor. But technically he never retired. My favorite retired…would have to be Edgerrin James.

9 DD: What was the best Christmas gift you ever got?
JOHNSON: The best Christmas I ever got was permission to play football. My mom was against football for most of my childhood. I tried to convince her one year for Christmas. She asked me what I wanted, and I told her I didn't want anything, but to play football.

10 DD: What's an animal that scares you when you're near it?
JOHNSON: Good luck, because I don't come across many animals. But if I had to pick one, it'd probably be a bear. There's no reason I'd ever be near one, though.

11 DD: What's your go-to karaoke song?
JOHNSON: There's no song I would sing in public. But in private, probably the whole Ed Sheeran album. 'Perfect' is probably one of my favorites.

12 DD: What would your career be if you weren't a football player?
DD: Going into college I wanted to be an engineer.

Houston Texans Fans come out to NRG Stadium for the thirteenth game of the 2019 NFL season against the Broncos.

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