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Duane Brown hosts pep rally for Souper Bowl of Caring

Houston Texans tackle Duane Brown hosted a pep rally at West U Elementary School for 1,200 students on Friday morning as part of the team's Souper Bowl of Caring initiative. West U raised 30,908 pounds for local hunger-relief charities, the most out of all the participating schools.

The Souper Bowl event unites youth across the nation to fight hunger and poverty in their own communities around the time of the Super Bowl. In 2014, 6,682 groups collected over $7.5 million in cash and food items for the Houston Community.

Brown, Houston Texans Cheerleaders, and MC Johnny Bravo of KSBJ entertained a rowdy bunch of youngsters with games, songs and chants.

"This is a great event," Brown said. "The kids raised over 30,000 pounds of food, the highest in the U.S., so it's great to come out and celebrate that accomplishment with them all. There was a tremendous amount of energy."

The students were so engaged and rambunctious that faculty and staff could be found on the outskirts of the auditorium plugging their ears.

"Oh, man, I swear all I could think about is we have to get these kids in Reliant next year," Brown said. "The energy and the noise in here was insane. I appreciate it , and I'm just happy to be here with them."

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