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Ed Reed meets with media, talks hip and more

Ed Reed feels good.

Really good.

But if the Texans had to play a game today, he'd suit up in only one instance.

"I couldn't play today," Reed said. "But if it was the Super Bowl I probably would. Right now, it's to rehab and get as strong as possible and get myself in condition."

A hip injury has kept Reed from practicing with his Texans' teammates, and seen him spend his days on a side field going through exercises with the medical training staff. The work has been arduous and old-fashioned at times.

"It's been some tough days sledding, really sledding, pulling the sled, but it's been awesome the work I'm putting in right now," Reed said. "For what I went through for where I'm at right now, I'm feeling really good."

In addition to the sled pulls, Reed said he's doing drills that incorporate running, back pedaling and breaking. The 2004 NFL Defensive Player of the Year wouldn't pinpoint a date for return, but explained how he'll know when it's time.

"I've got to get this scar tissue down and get this tightness and soreness, that I feel consistently, out of there," Reed said. "Once I get that out, I can kind of push it more."

Through the first five days of camp, after Reed has wrapped up his morning rehab work he's caught passes from the JUGS machine and stood near the coaches to offer words of advice and encouragement to his defensive teammates. Not being able to practice has been tough for him, but he acknowledged that his presence is a different one than most injured veterans.

"I gave the speech to them," Reed said. "'Look, I wouldn't be any different if I was anywhere else. I'm just trying to help you to better your techniques to help us. To help us get to where we want to go and to help you better yourself as a player.'"

Reed, who helped the Ravens win a Super Bowl in February, believes the Texans have the pieces to contend for a Super Bowl. But he's focused on the here and now first.

"We're not even through a whole full week yet," Reed said. "We still have a long way to go, still have a lot to learn. That's our focus, but that's everybody's focus right now."

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