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Extended Edition: Dear Drew

*In the video above, Drew Dougherty answered a few questions submitted by fans via Facebook. In the article below, he answered a few more. Be nice to your siblings. *

Joshua Justelien: Dear Drew, How long before Will Fuller, V is back in the lineup?
DD: The speedy wide receiver suffered a ribs injury during the loss at Los Angeles, and afterwards, he said he was "feeling good". On Wednesday, Fuller didn't practice and head coach Bill O'Brien said he'd miss the game against Arizona. Keep an eye out for him to be back against the Ravens, or perhaps the Titans on December 3.

Joe Paige III: Dear Drew, Is Andre Johnson now officially a Texans Ambassador?
DD: He's not, but he might become one down the line if he wants. We're all pretty excited about this weekend and the events planned to honor him. 

For all of you reading this right now, Tweet me your favorite Andre Johnson memory. Mine is when he blew up three Cardinals for a touchdown at Arizona in 2009.

Fernando Arriazola-Perales: Dear Drew, With Tom Savage starting, is Bill O'Brien changing the playbook?
DD: They're running more plays that Savage is comfortable with, and those are different that some of the ones they ran with Deshaun Watson. Ultimately, you have to remember that Watson was performing at such a tremendous level. He led the NFL in touchdown passes when he went down. You don't just replace that productivity by plugging in a new player. 

Ricki Dean Howze: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans go to free agency to fix the O-Line and secondary?
DD: Yes. Because they don't have a pick in either of the first two rounds, I think the Texans will be fairly aggressive in free agency in finding help at those position groups, as well as elsewhere along the roster. 

Pedro Arriaga, Jr.: Dear Drew, When, if ever will Dee Virgin be brought up? Also, when's Dylan Cole coming back?
DD: Virgin is a cornerback on the practice squad, and you might see him on the active roster sometime in the next month or so. The Texans traditionally bring players up from that unit a few times throughout the season. They've already done so in 2017 with tight end Evan Baylis, who we saw get activated for the Week 2 game at Cincinnati. 

Safety Kurtis Drummond, receiver Chris Thompson and defensive lineman Chunky Clements have all spent time this season on the practice squad, before joining the active roster.

As far as Cole goes, his hamstring injury continues to heal. He didn't practice on Wednesday, but he should be ready to go in the coming weeks.

David R Ellis: Dear Drew, have you ever played quarterback?
DD: Yes, but only on Monday mornings.

Shanan Robinson Malone: Dear Drew, Will you give me some Super Bowl tickets for Christmas? Please DD: A few weeks ago in Seattle, on a whim, I decided to give some to one of our superfans named Debbie. I have a few more left, so maybe I'll hook you up. Maybe.

Chad Jones: Dear Drew, What's the over/under that they will win 1 more game this season?

Natalie Boone: Dear Drew, I haven't heard an update on J.J. in a while. How's he doing?
DD: He's been in the stadium, rehabbing his knee injury and working to get back on the field. He's not going to be able to play again this season, but should be ready to rock in 2018.

Randy McOffer Raze: Dear Drew, Do you think honoring Andre is a good thing?
DD: Absolutely. He's the man. Over 75 of his former teammates are coming back to town to honor him on Sunday, and the current Texans who played with him are all excited to see him honored. Johnson was a giant for this franchise, and a bright beacon of light for the less fortunate in our City, and I can't wait to see the festitvities on Sunday.

Armando Oceguera: Dear Drew, With the injuries of JJ and Deshaun, have the Texans considered a change from artificial turf to natural grass? Saludos amigo.
DD: Thanks for the question, Armando! No, I don't think aritifical turf was the cause of those injuries, and I don't think the Texans will switch to natural grass. Watson was hurt in practice, on grass. Watt got injured in the game on turf. 

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