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FanDuel Mailbag

How long can Carson Wentz go without throwing an interception?
Look, he's a rookie. He's going to throw interceptions. Peyton Manning set the rookie record for interceptions as a rookie, so Wentz is going to run up against a capable defense soon that'll show him some different and unique looks. He's been good and will get even better to be honest, but he's not going to put up a zero in the interception column. Teams will slow him down in the month of October.

Is Wentz worth the waiver target in fantasy? 
That all said, he's still worth the value of a waiver target in fantasy. As a rookie and as a mobile athlete at quarterback, he's going to make some plays with his legs too. So, yes, if you're quarterback is on a bye week or yours got hurt along the way, he would make for an intriguing waiver target.

Who is the biggest fantasy disappointment and/or surprise through the first 4 games of the year?
Cam Newton, unfortunately. The offense around him hasn't helped him much, especially the offensive line and the hits he took in the first four weeks could have an impact on his overall game in 2016. I'm a Cam fan, so I hope he's bounces back, but he's been a bit disappointing early in the 2016 season

Who is the bigger challenge for the Texans coming up…Vikings, Colts or Broncos?
This is no slight on the Vikings, but the Broncos have a number of different ways to hurt the Texans defense. The Vikings are banged up on offense and could be missing their star running back, wide receiver, both starting tackles and starting quarterback. The Broncos are a bit banged up too, missing DeMarcus Ware, but the offense is finding its stride and the two Broncos receivers will put pressure on any secondary/defense.

Was the Titans game an outlier for DeAndre Hopkins? Will he see more targets going forward?
Yes and yes. He had six targets on Sunday, but the Titans did a wonderful job on him. They didn't do as great a job on Will Fuller and the tight ends. Teams are going to take their chances leaving defensive backs one-on-one on Hopkins and he'll have big days in the near future. That one reception game is definitely an outlier.

Is Odell Beckham still an elite wide receiver?
Uh, yes. He's a star and he'll continue to be a star. We've been lucky in Houston, in some sense, that we've had star receivers that aren't divas, but the list of big-time diva receivers is long and illustrious. Point being? Beckham might be a hot headed diva, but he's also a baller.

Does Greg Olsen belong in the elite tight end group?
Of course. Will his fantasy numbers reflect that going forward? That, to me, is the more intriguing question. With Derek Anderson at quarterback this week, potentially, he's going to look for his outlets, running backs and tight ends, more than ever to get rid of the ball quickly. That could mean solid numbers for Olsen. But, he's definitely an elite tight end. And, at that point, Joe Flacco is elite too (hopefully, you get the joke).

Is the time now to sell high on Melvin Gordon?
I'm not sure that's even selling high, but keep in mind, he's going to continue to get touches with Danny Woodhead out for the season. He might put up massive numbers, but he's going to get the football plenty over the next few months.

Will Kenneth Dixon steal the starting running job in Baltimore?
He should, eventually. I wouldn't be surprised if he's not The Man on into the future, but it's still going to take some time. Give it a month to six weeks and see if he isn't getting more playing time before making that assessment. I loved Dixon out of college at La. Tech and with no Justin Forsett, the door's open for him to walk on through. I'm just not ready to make that jump in the fray yet.

Who do you like more for the remainder of the season in a point-per-reception league-Isaiah Crowell or Jerrick McKinnon?
Crowell. I LOVE McKinnon but Crowell is going to be the bell cow for the Browns offense alongside Duke Johnson. McKinnon may not get as many goal line opportunities due to touchdown vulture teammate Matt Asiata, who is more suited for goal line chances. McKinnon will get a few more receptions, but Crowell still be further ahead with his overall numbers than what he'll lose to McKinnon on a point-per-reception perspective…if that makes sense.

Pick 2 for this week:  John Brown, Sterling Shepard, Tyrell Williams?
Since Brown and the Cardinals played on Thursday night, this one is EASY! Shepard is going to be a fantasy monster before long, if nothing else, he'll be a consistent fantasy scorer throughout this season. Williams doesn't have a ton of healthy vultures on the San Diego offense (keep an eye on tight end Hunter Henry), so I've given him as a recommendation a few times this year.

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