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Fantasy recap: Week 5


A DeMeco Ryans autographed mini-helmet goes to the winner of this week's free fantasy football challenge!

WE HAVE ANOTHER TIE!!! 31 Storm and shagsdawgs each scored 126 points to force our second tie this season in Week 5. Both teams used a 28-point performance from Tom Brady to make their way to the top of the league. But after using our tie-breaker rules (the most overall points), 31 Storm is our winner for Week 5! For his superior football knowledge and expertise, 31 Storm will receive an autographed mini-helmet signed by Amobi Okoye.

A Texans mini-helmet signed by DeMeco Ryans will be on the line this week, so make sure you set your lineups this week.

In the Texans Celebrity League, when Lindsay's "RahRahShishBoomBah" and Stefanie Krazel's "Brown Recluse" stepped in to the War Room this past week to turn in their starting lineups you could tell that there was some tension in the room. As each head coach approached the door from opposite sides of the hallway, they saw each other from across the corridor and awkwardly tried not to look in to each others eyes as people do when they are crossing each other in the hallways, but alas they finally reached the entrance and were forced to pretend like everything was ok. The coaches turned their lineups in at the same time and left the premises at the same time. The end result after a weekend of football?...the exact same score. "RahRahShishBoomBah" and "Brown Recluse" each scored 101 points this week to tie for the Week 5 crown. Lindsay used performances from Tom Brady (28 pts) and the Texans' own Kris Brown (22 pts) and Stefanie used her secret weapon of the Colts' Kenton Keith (27 pts) that was playing for the injured Joseph Addai to dominate this week's competition. Patti Smith's "FSN Divas" and Adam Wexler's "Warriors" rounded out the top three with 94 and 89 points respectively.

It looks like Patti Smith is trying to distance herself from the rest of the pack, but there are a few others that still want that trophy as well. The Houston Texans Fantasy Football Celebrity League top three overall standings are:

  1. Patti Smith (FSN Diva) – 550 points
  2. Nick Scurfield (Matt Schaub's Heroes) – 529 points
  3. Lindsay Cheerleader (RahRahShishBoomBah) – 527 points
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