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Fantasy recap: Week 6


An Andre Johnson FATHEAD is the prize in Week 7 of's free fantasy football challenge.

With the help of LT (44 pts), Jones-Drew (29 pts), the Ravens DST (26 pts) and Tony Gonzalez (22 pts), Playmakerz scored 163 points this week to win the sixth weekly installment of the Houston Texans Fantasy Football. Not only did Playmakerz win this week, but he did it without one of his players scoring any points as Boldin recorded zero for the week after missing his third straight game. Playmakerz will receive a Texans mini-helmet signed by DeMeco Ryans.

A new type of prize will grace our presence this week as an Andre Johnson FAT HEAD wall graphic will be on the line, so make sure you set your lineups this week.

TORO's "Ballers" scored 135 points this week to win Week 6 of the Texans Celebrity League. He had the help of LT (44 pts), TJ Houshmandzadeh (26 pts) and the Ravens DST (26 pts) to put him over the hump like he has been striving for all season. TORO said that his picks just hit him while he was cleaning the rims on his 4-wheeler earlier this week. "I was trying to bring that bling out in my spinners for the upcoming game and I knew to go with LT this week," TORO remarked. TORO was followed up by Stefanie Kazel's "Brown Recluse" which scored 128 points and Patti Smith's "FSN Divas" which finished with 125 points.

Patti Smith is playing some consistent fantasy football thus far and is in the lead by 33 points, but as we all have seen it just takes one bad week by someone to drop off and let everyone else back in the hunt for the title. The Houston Texans Fantasy Football Celebrity League top three overall standings are:

  1. Patti Smith (FSN Diva) – 675 points
  2. TORO (TORO's Ballers) – 642 points
  3. Nick Scurfield (Matt Schaub's Heroes) – 640 points
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