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Fantasy recap: Week 7


An Anthony Weaver autographed mini-helmet is the prize in Week 8.

After the smoke and dust cleared after Week 7, the only team left standing above all the rest was the Decepticons. In addition to the Decepticons getting points from Brady (50 pts), Welker (25 pts), and the Cowboys DST (21 pts), they only had one player that scored under 10 points (Witten, eight pts). The Decepticons will receive an Andre Johnson FAT HEAD wall graphic.

An Anthony Weaver autographed mini-helmet will be on the line this week, so don't forget to set your lineups.

This was a special week in the Houston Texans Fantasy Football Celebrity League as Stefanie Kazel's "Brown Recluse" scored 163 points to win the seventh week of competition for the league. Not only did she score the largest amount of points in the Celebrity League, but she was the top overall point leader among all Houston Texans fans! Stefanie used sheer brilliance that legends are made of and brain power that only a mathematician and a statistician would dare to defy as she selected the perfect combination of brawn and musk to propel her to a level that no member of the Celebrity League has yet to attain. With players like Brady (50 pts), Watson (33 pts) and Coles (25 pts) leading the way, there was no stopping "Brown Recluse" on their way to the top. Patti Smith's "FSN Divas" finished second with 152 points and Adam Wexler's "Warriors" rounded off the top three with 135 points.

It looks like Patti Smith is trying to pull away from the pack as she is in the lead by a good margin but "The Champs" are looking to repeat as Matt Jackson has climbed back in to the top three. The Houston Texans Fantasy Football Celebrity League top three overall standings are:

  1. Patti Smith (FSN Diva) – 827 points
  2. Matt Jackson (The Champs) – 749 points
  3. Lance Cavazos (Dunder Mifflin) – 744 points
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