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"Field Level" Blog: The Introduction


Welcome to the first ever "Field Level" blog here on the Texans website, a new feature designed to show the ins and outs of life in the Houston Texans organization. My name is Eric SanInocencio, and I have the pleasure of serving as the digital media manager for the club.

I'm beginning my second week on the job, so consider this a running diary of my rookie season here at Reliant Stadium. 

I've been working in sports my entire career, and make my way to Houston after spending the last three years at the helm of the Southeastern Conference's website and social media platforms. Much like Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson (Alabama/SEC), I've been "drafted" to the National Football League, having waved goodbye to college life in the SEC.

What we do, and consequently what you see on, will be the focus of "Field Level". We are going to pull back the curtain, giving you an ongoing glimpse into the inner workings of not just our jobs, but the effects of our work on you, the Texans fan. Over the course of the year, you will hear from several members of the digital media department, in an attempt to show all sides of life at Reliant Stadium.

Digital media is a growing field, yet still mainly misunderstood by most of the public. The term itself is misleading, since so much can fall under this umbrella.

Think about it.

Do you visit our website (obviously you do, because you reading this)? Do you read Texans stories on your phone? Did you snap a Texans related photo on your Instagram account? Did you tweet out how much you can't wait for football season on Twitter while using the hash tag #WeAreTexans?

If you've ever done any of that, along with a million other things, you are a part of the digital media landscape. The way that all ties together, and the steps WE take to make it easier for you to connect with us is ultimately our job, and that journey is what I hope to explain in this blog.

The beauty of the digital sports world is that there is no real blueprint for the task we are undertaking. That is incredibly unique.

For example, if you want to run a business, chances are you have a general idea of how to get there. You start at the bottom, try to learn as much as you can and work incredibly hard. Over time, you hope that with the right skill set and talents you'll reach the top. While there are variations to this example, the pathway is already pretty established.

That logic doesn't really apply here.

When I graduated college in 2003 (man I'm getting old), social media as we know it didn't exist. We used an atlas for directions (thank heavens for GPS), and our flip phones (if you still have one of these, laugh at yourself) were no replacement for a landline. While that seems like ages ago (at least it does to me), only 10 years have passed since those days.

Today, smartphones are mini-computers, desktop models are disappearing and we read books on electronic tablets. The world is smaller, and the ways we connect with people have allowed us to shrink the globe. I have several people I call "friends" that I've never met personally, yet we've talked as if we've been neighbors our whole lives. That is today's world.

So, how do we learn? We listen…to you. Being a fan is the epitome of making an investment, and our goal is to see that investment grow over time. You have a personal stake in the Houston Texans, so we have a personal stake in you. That's the only way this works.

I'm a fan at heart, so the way I approach my job is from your mindset. While that sounds different, to me it makes the most sense. What's the best way to try and figure out how to engage with our fans? Think like them. Understand them. Learn why they care so much.

Be a fan.

So, over the course of my tenure here with the Texans, I want you guys to feel like you have someone in your corner. You have questions? Suggestions? Criticism? Don't think of the Texans as a faceless organization. You will now get to know us all personally.

Got the general idea? Good. That wraps up our first ever Field Level blog. See you in the trenches next week.

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