Football Basics: The Game

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Football Basics: Object of the Game

Football is a group sport and each team member has a specific position in which they function as.

The object of football is two teams (Offense & Defense) engaging in a strategic battle to move the ball into the opponent's goal area (a.k.a.: end zone).




Touchdown (6 Points):** A touchdown is the main way of scoring in football and happens when an offensive player carries the ball across the goal-line and into their opponent's end zone.

Field Goal Attempt (3 Points): Scored when the offense has their place kicker kick the ball through their opponent's goal post.

Safety (2 Points): Scored when the defense ends a play by tackling the offense player with the ball in the offense's end zone. It will allow the defense receive the ball on the kickoff after the play is over.

Two Point Conversion (2 Points):Scored when the offensive team enacts a play two yards from the defense's goal line to advance the ball into the end zone for two points.

"Point-After-Touchdown (PAT)/ Extra Point" (1 or 2 Points):The offense is given one play from the two yard line to score after a touchdown has been made.One point is scored when the offensive team kicks the ball through the defense's goalpost after a touchdown has been scored. Two Pointsare scored when the offense reaches the endzone by either running or passing the ball across the goal line.

Down System:

The Offense has four chances (Downs) to move the ball 10 yards down the field toward the opponent's goal line.

Each down is numbered, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

If after four downs the offense does not gain 10 yards, the opponent is given the ball. If the offense does gain 10 yards in the four downs, then the process begins again with a new first down.

Between each down any of the 11 players on either team can be replaced/ or substituted.

The Offense can kick (punt) the ball to the other team on any down, but usually on the fourth, or they may try to score by attempting to kick a field goal.

Following a punt or missed field goal, the opposing team will take possession of the ball. The opposing team's offensive until will begin with a set of four downs and will need to gain ten yards to maintain possession of the ball.


The game of football is broken down into the following time sections.

First Half

  • First Quarter (15 minutes)
  • Second Quarter (15 minutes)
  • Halftime break (12 minutes)

Second Half

  • Third Quarter (15 minutes)
  • Fourth Quarter (15 minutes)

The game clock stops on incomplete passes and on plays that end "out of bounds" in the last two minutes.


Every attempt to advance the ball by the offense is called a play and a team is given 40 seconds to start each one. If the offense does not start the play before the play clock expires, they will be assessed a delay of game penalty.

After halftime is over, which ever team started as offence at the beginning of the game automatically becomes the defense at the start of the third quarter (aka: second half). Also, the teams switch sides on the field.

Overtimehappens when both teams have scored the same amount of points at the end of the fourth quarter. There will be a three minute intermission and then 15 minutes are added to the clock. The first team to score a point/s is declared the winner. If neither team scores by the end of the 15 minutes, then another 15 minute overtime will begin.

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