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Free agent guard Cooper Carlisle visits with Texans

The Texans entertained free agent guard Cooper Carlisle Wednesday. Carlisle, who will be entering his eighth season in the NFL this fall, has played the first seven seasons of his career in Denver.

Following are his comments from when he talked with the Houston media Wednesday morning.

(on the visit to Houston) "It's been good. I got in yesterday afternoon and had dinner. I met with some coaches and personnel guys, and I'm taking off here pretty soon."

(on if he's surprised that the free agency process lasted this long for him) "A little bit. I'd have liked to have been signed by now and been over with it, but that's kind of how it goes. I'm just dealing with that."

(on what he brings to the offensive line) "I think I know the system well. I think I know how this system's supposed to be run. I think that's one of the big things that I bring, but also I'm a guy that's been playing for several years and knows how to play."

(on if he has any other visits scheduled) "I'm going to Oakland from here, and then I don't know after that."

(on if he's taken any other visits prior to Houston) "I've been to Seattle and Tampa before this."

(on if he's been through the free agency process before) "I was a free agent a few years ago, so I've kind of been through it before."

(on whether the free agency process bothers him) "It doesn't bother me. I probably wouldn't use that word. But as it goes on, I'm kind of ready for it to be done and have a home."

(on what interests him about the Texans) "I think the team's heading in the right direction. Obviously, I have some connections with Kub (head coach Gary Kubiak) and those types of deals, but I think it's a good team that's heading in the right direction and a good organization."

(on how his relationship with Kubiak will impact his decision) "I think it helps. I definitely don't think it hurts. Obviously, I know the scheme that they run and the system they've installed, so I think that helps."

(on if the door is closed on a possible return to Denver) "I don't think it's completely closed. We'll just have to see how this plays out."

(on the criteria on which he'll base his decision) "I think there's a lot of factors: where you fit into the system and where you fit in their offense, and then obviously money is a factor and the contract, so that enters into it."

(on the Texans' other offseason moves) "They've obviously been very active in trying to better their team for this year. So yeah, I've definitely been aware of that."

(on if he wants to be guaranteed a starting spot in order to sign) "No, not necessarily. Obviously, I want a shot at it. I don't want to come in and compete for a backup job—no one does—but I don't have to be guaranteed a spot by any means."

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