Gatorade Jr. Training Camp

Over 500 students at

got a treat Tuesday as the Texans Gatorade Junior Training Camp and Cheerleader Clinic visited their campus.


The camp is designed to promote fitness and encourage activity through a basic introduction to football skills for local youth. The football workshop is a five station program that includes position drills designed for quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and line backers, as well as a relay race.

The mobile clinic visits

campuses every Tuesday and Thursday during the season. The program is used as a motivational tool for the students by giving them a break from the daily academic routine.

"We want the kids to experience athletics at a young age in hopes that they continue engaging in fitness throughout their lifetime," program director Ben Rose said.

"Targeting out community's health issues is one of the organizations main focuses and by doing programs like these we hope to provide a solution while at the same time giving the kids the opportunity to have fun."


Texans Week gave Reynolds Elementary students a choice the rest of the schools won't have. The Texans Cheerleaders joined forces to give the girls the opportunity to visit with them and learn a dance routine.

Principal Gwendolyn Graham, staff and students welcomed the cheerleaders and Texans staff by wearing Texans gear and decorating the entire campus for the event. In celebration of Texans week, the children received Texans memorabilia and a good day of fun.

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