Getting even

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    *Hello, I would like to welcome everyone to the Fantasy Football disaster support group. It has been a very tough first week, but does everyone remember our slogan? *

All together now…

"Bills 31, Patriots 0."

That's right.

Week One won't ruin your whole season. In real football last season's Super Bowl Champions got routed in their first game. So even if you got wasted, there's always another week.

*So let us move on with our specific problems and goals for next week. *

Who has a funny story? How bout that Jerome Bettis?

So Week One didn't go quite the way you hoped. You're not alone. The Texans feel the same way. Luckily for everyone involved a chance for redemption is just a few days away.

The Texans travel to Detroit Sunday to face what is already one of the league's surprise team. The Lions snapped a 24-game road losing streak Sept. 12 against the Bears, and will face the Texans in their home opener.

That's good news for Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson and running back Domanick Davis – two of the more popular Fantasy players on the roster.

Johnson will line up against a depleted secondary.

The Lions starting cornerback Dre' Bly injured his knee against the Bears and will be out for at least the next two games. Bly went to the Pro Bowl last season, finishing the year with 47 tackles and six interceptions.

Detroit still has cornerback Fernando Bryant and safeties Brock Marion and Bracy Walker, but look for the Texans to take advantage with Johnson early. Bly's replacement – Andre' Goodman – spent 13 games on injured reserve last season.

Johnson had four catches for 58 yards in the Texans opening day loss to San Diego, but showed ability to spin away from a hit and get some extra yards.

Davis performed as well as any Texan in Sunday's game, leading the team in rushing and receiving. He has made it a personal mission to erase his two fumbles and take better care of the football.

But he will run up against a tough defense Sunday.

The Lions defensive line has a combined 22-years pro experience, but few will recognize the linebackers.

James Davis, Earl Holmes and rookie Teddy Lehman are listed as starters. Davis has two years in the league, Holmes has 12. The team's other key linebacker, Boss Bailey, will miss the game with a knee injury.

The Lions defense allowed 128 rushing yards against the Bears.

FANTASY GAME BALLS:Terrell Owens. He proved he can pick up points even if he is the defense's main target.

Randy Moss. Two touchdowns on four catches, that's a winning ratio.

Quentin Griffin. His size will not be a factor this season and the Broncos appear well on their way to developing another 1,000-yard back out obscurity. His health however could be a question. Is he durable enough to make it through an entire season?

WEEKLY RANT:What's was the deal with Jerome Bettis? The Bus rushed five times for a whopping total of one yard (that's about seven inches per carry), but in most fantasy leagues he ended up with an 18 point day.

The man is a fantasy backup at best.

Too bad he did it all from my fantasy bench.

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