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GM Brian Gaine on 2 profiles of Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson has 'it'.

On the field and off the field.

Watson has the 'it' in both regards, according to Texans general manager Brian Gaine.

A rookie in 2017, Watson was electrifying at quarterback for Houston, tossing 19 touchdowns in just seven games. With him under center in the month of October, the Texans rang up an average of 40.5 points per game, and scored 33 points in more in all four of those contests.

"When you're breaking down the physical profile, and the intangible profile of the player, the physical proiles look good, but I would equally say that the intangible profile is equally positive as well," Gaine said Wednesday during a Combine press conference in Indianapolis.

While he acknowledged that Watson played in just seven games, and still has "progress" and "improvement" ahead of him, Gaine is bullish on the young quarterback's future.

"Everybody sees the ability and the demonstrated performance on the field," Gaine said. "But what I can speak to is, a little more importantly, the character of the individual. The makeup of the guy. The work ethic. His passion for the game. His commitment to the game. He's in there early. Staying late. All the intangible profiles that you look for in a quarterback, he possesses those."

Watson, who went on injured reserve with an early November knee injury, has been on the rehab trail and said publicly he hopes to be back for parts of OTAs in mid-May. Gaine thinks that's a possibility.

"I'm optimistic about that," Gaine said. "A lot of it is because of his work ethic, and his football character and his personal character. But the makeup of the individual, I wouldn't be surprised about that at all. 

Gaine and the Texans scouting, personnel and medical staffs are in Indianapolis for the next six days.

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