Homecoming 2005

The Texans will recognize some of Houston's greatest NFL players this Sunday as part of Homecoming 2005 -- Honoring Houston's NFL Legacy.


Hall of Famer**Ken Houston**is just one of many players expected to attend Sunday's Texans game.
The players will be greeting fans and signing autographs outside each gate from 10:30-11:30 a.m. They will also be honored at a ceremony during halftime of the Texans' game against the Rams.

Come early and don't miss your chance to see some of Houston's greatest players. Below is a list of attendees.

Willie Alexander

John Andrews

Joe Arenas

Dick Arndt

Harold Bailey

Robert Banks

Mike Barber

Michael Batiste

Royce Berry

Gregg Bingham

Garland Boyette

Kenny Burrough

Woody Campbell

David Carter


Ray Childress (right)

Raymond Clayborn

Ken Coffey

Pat Coleman

Ronnie Coleman

Terrance Cook

Charles Davis

Tyrone Davis

Doug Dawson

Cris Dishman

Curtis Duncan

Hart Lee Dykes, Jr.

Willie Ellison

Charley Frazier

Goose Gonsoulin

Billy Granville

Jacob Green

John Grimsley

Mac Haik

Gary Harrell


Conway Hayman

Alonzo Highsmith (right)

Walter Highsmith

Travis Hill

Donald Hollas

Kenny Houston

Ed Husmann

Gerald Irons

Alfred Jackson

Haywood Jeffires

Al Johnson

Jimmie Johnson

J.D. Kommel

Ernie Koy

Lamar Lathon

Oliver Luck

Kevin Mack

Charles McDavis


George McCullough

Bubba McDowell (right)

Audray McMillian

Tom McNeal

John Henry Mills

Zeke Moore

Donald Narcisse

Giff Nielsen

Mac Percival

Vernon Perry

Allen Pinkett

Bob Poole

Barry Redden

James Richey

Avon Riley

John Schuhmacher

Bruce Schweiger

Keith Simpson

Webster Slaughter

Frankie Smith

Carel Stith

Diron Talbert

Don Talbert

Spencer Tillman

Don Trull

Willie Tullis

Charles Vatterott

Ward Walsh

Andre Ware

Ed Watson

Joe Westley

C.L. Whittington

Stephen Wiggins

Brian Wiggins

Steve Wilson


Larry Woods

Robert Woods

Butch Woolfolk (right)

List subject to change

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